Why You Have to Watch “Doctor Who”?

Doctor Who, which is created by Sydney Newman, Donald Wilson, and C. E. Webber, can be defined as of the coolest popular television programs that have ever been produced by BBC. This particular program, which has been aired for the first time in 1963, could really attract the attention of the people from all around the world. There are so many countries that broadcast the program even since the 60s. Not only that, the modern version of the program is aired in more than 50 countries since 2013. Then, what does make Doctor Who a program that you have to watch? Fortunately, you can find out the answers below.

It has the awesome and inspiring premise
One of the reasons why you have to watch Doctor Who is because it has the awesome premise that can inspire you so much. It can be seen in the character of The Doctor who is a humanoid and lovable alien. He can explore the universe and even across the time using his unique space ship which looks like a British Police Box in the 1960s. In the story of this science fiction drama, you will find out that he has so many foes to defeat. However, he is still able to do his best efforts to help people in need and save the civilization as well. Based on this particular fact, there is a very notable moral value that you can take that no matter what you do in life; you still have the chance to do good things to others.

It shows you the great adventurous story
Moreover, you will see the remarkable great adventurous story every time you watch Doctor Who as the main character of the program can travel across the time and space. Then, the best thing about it is that the plot will never be merely the same. In the other words, there will be so various fun adventure that you can enjoy while watching this program. Each scene of it will take you to the story just like it really happens to you. Even, you can still be surprised because of the possible stories untold. Besides, the unique ideas of this television program are definitely something else that can make you get addicted with it in a good way for sure. Thus, in the end, you will always want to watch it again and again after you have watched it once.

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