Top Easter Eggs in Doctor Who

Top Easter Eggs in Doctor Who – Every TV series in this era normally have hidden facts, or in movie terms we like to call them easter eggs. After 11 seasons of airing, the new version of Doctor Who TV series definitely contain lots of hidden facts which viewers probably never noticed. In case you miss many of them, here are some top easter eggs you must know in Doctor Who TV series.

1. International Electromatic
To make you understand this reference, you probably need to be a Whovian for a long time. When The Doctor and Rose travelled to parallel universe where Pete, her father was still alive, the company swirling out Cybus and Cybermen then decided to go to by the alias International Electromatic. This company name actually appeared for the first time in one of the classic episodes, “The Invasion”. In that episode, this company served same purpose, which is turning humans to Cybermen.

2. Clara’s Mother Death
If you watched the detail of Clara’s mother’s tombstone, you’ll realize that her death date was actually a day right after Rose met The Doctor back to Season 1. That day also occurred to be the day when Nestene Consciousness invaded earth. Since we never know how Clara’s mother passed away, we can assume that she died in the invasion.

3. Hint at Future’s Past
Although it seems hard to catch the reference, you’ll find out that Doctor Two and Doctor Eight, at some point, have crossed paths during the opening sequence in Season 7. Later, we also find out that Doctor Two has crossed Clara’s path and headed to opposite direction just before Doctor Eight ran in front Clara. This may sound complicated, but it is actually as simple as learning online slot in.

4. Doctor Who Went Pop for Christmas
Since it’s not about a major player in the story, you probably missed this one. Almost all earth-based Christmas special starts using the similar “Merry Christmas Everyone” song in the newest iteration of Doctor Who. It turned out that the Doctor wasn’t immune to memorable tune.

5. A Familiar Umbrella
Remember when Seven carried a bamboo-handled umbrella for the first time? In the episode “Journey to the Centre of the Tardis” of season 7, the umbrella popped up again, while Clara rifled through the Doctor’s possessions.

It requires sharp focus and determination to catch any easter eggs in Doctor Who. Especially when season 12 almost comes, Whovians simply can’t wait about many more hints and easter eggs in the newest season.

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