The Notable Facts about Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a remarkable British show, which is produced and aired by BBC since 1963, has stolen the attention of the people because of its adventurous story and distinctive ideas. So then, it will never be boring every time you watch The Doctor travels across the space time using his unique British Police Box look like space ship (TARDIS). Well, there are actually so numerous notable facts about Doctor Who that you cannot miss. Do you really want to know what they are? If you do, you better continue reading below.
Here are some of the facts about Doctor Who that you have to know especially if you are such a fan of it. They are like:

• It was created for kids
The first of many facts about Doctor Who is that it was actually created for kids. The beginning concept of the show is to help the kids learn about science and history through the fun medium. Waris Husein, who is the first director of the show, stated that the reason why he made this show is for education. He really wanted to teach the kids about the human condition the particular era. Nevertheless, the show seems to reach huge very good responses from all the people. So then, it is actually no wonder if it can be a hit even for quite long time.

The Notable Facts about Doctor Who• The idea of The Doctor’s regeneration
Moreover, the character of The Doctor in Doctor Who has been played by 13 different actors so far. It means that the regeneration of the doctor will not affect the popularity of the show in the bad way. Even better, the revitalized show can offer the people the more exciting and modern vibe that many people like so much. So then, do not ever be surprised that it can attract more and more fans time after time. Well, the idea of the regeneration actually came out when William Harnett, who played the First Doctor from 1963 to 1966, had a health problem. So, the makers of the show decided to make regeneration the part of The Doctor’s mythology.

In conclusion, those are some notable facts about Doctor Who that you better know. All of them can really make you find out about the show more. So then, you will love it not only because of its fabulous story, but also because of some truth behind it. Thus, you can be a truly big fan of the show.

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