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Sir Derek Jacobi as the Master in Utopia

A Master of the Empire?

Recently, Disney managed to prise the Star Wars Empire from George Lucas’s grasp for the mere sum of $4 billion and have announced that they plan to make a regular rotation of films from 2015 onwards. This is very good news for all of you that thought the prequel trilogy, which was overseen by Lucas…

Paul Otaking Johnson has a go at Star Wars anime

Otaking Tackles Star Wars!

Remember Otaking? He did a rather wonderful thirteen minute anime version of Doctor Who featuring an epic battle for the Third Doctor and the Brigadier in Japan against the Daleks and the Cybermen and two incarnations of the Master as well as Davros! It’s one of the most fun adventures that the Third Doctor had/never…

Make Your Door a TARDIS!

How many times have you stared at the entrance to your bedroom and thought, “This should be a little more TARDISy”?  As Kasterborites, most of us do that all the time, so naturally when we stumbled upon this product our reaction was akin to squealing piglets with deep male voices. A think tank of geniuses…

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