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Religion and Doctor Who

Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith

A new collection of essays on faith and interactions with Doctor Who will be released next week, Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith: Religion and Doctor Who, and is purported to be the “the first major study of religion and Doctor Who.” “TARDIF explores the subject of religion and Doctor Who in its broadest possible context,…

The Master posed as Reverend Magister in The Daemons

Is Doctor Who A Religion?

Doctor Who isn’t real. I know, breathe in; it’s going to be okay. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe in it. Attempting to make a messiah out of a very naughty boy PBS’ Mike Rugnetta of the Idea Channel (that’s a channel about ideas not a one idea channel; that’s ITV 2) argues that…

The Ultimate Time Lord?

A church in Cardiff has come up against a few complaints after it used Doctor Who related pictures to raise the profile of its religious summer club that is due to take place. Using images of the TARDIS, the adverts invited children to come and meet “the ultimate Time Lord”. BBC Wales has already gone…

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