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Peter Capaldi IS the Twelfth Doctor Who!

Doctor Who Fan Capaldi Dreams of Menoptra!

In the latest Doctor Who Magazine, Peter Capaldi shows why he has been a fan for most of his 55 years and at the same time makes a couple of excellent observations about the classic series. When asked about the early Who series he watched as a child, the Twelfth Doctor actor states: And further…

Martin Jarvis - feat

Who in Who is: Martin Jarvis

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we’re looking back at some of the pivotal tales of all of time and space, taking on one Doctor each month, running up to November – and An Unearthly Child… Concluding this month’s examination of 1985’s Vengeance on Varos, we look at a man instantly recognisable to Whovians….


013 The Web Planet

Caught up in the struggle to free a once magnificent world from the cancerous clutches of a life-sucking spider, the Doctor and his companions are set upon and aided by four species of outer space insect-people… The Web Planet is Doctor Who Marmite (Garmite?  Maramite?  Kate O’Maramite?) – some love it, some hate it.  This,…

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