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BFI’s The Robots of Death Screening

Right then, who was lucky enough to attend the BFI’s screening of the Fourth Doctor classic The Robots of Death recently, as part of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations? Those of you that out your hands up please put them down immediately as you may get them bitten off by a jealous mob that…


Reviewed: Gallifrey Series 5

There’s no place like home. That’s what some people like to say and for the Doctor, that’s something that’s very true indeed. Since 2005, we’ve heard the story of the great Time War that wiped out not only the Doctor’s entire race, the Time Lords, but also put an end to his home planet, Gallifrey….


How Does the Doctor Know Who?

As the hands tick closer towards the 50th anniversary celebrations what better time to look back at the trials and tribulations that faced the women behind the show’s most integral part; the companions. Using their most recognisable traits, The Sydney Morning Herald has gathered the recollections, regrets and the occasional frustrations of the companions that…

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