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Kangazang Author Nominated

You may have come across the name Terry Cooper in your recent sci-fi searches on the internet or perhaps his name has popped up in a local bookstore. He’s the fella behind the Kangazang! series of books that we’ve featured on Kasterborous before; he’s also the intrepid chap who travelled over to Tunisia to repair…

Colin Baker Kangazang Sale

For those of you who have not had the chance to listen to Colin Baker’s unique reading of the sci-fi adventure Kangazang now is the time. The audio adventure written by Terry Cooper and performed by Baker is now available at a reduced rate of only £7.99! Kangazang: Remote Possibilities finds earthling Jeff Spooner embark…

McCoy: Who’s My Duty

The Telegraph has published a rather lovely article explaining the concept of the Big Finish Doctor Who audios to those who have never heard of it.  Even for those of us who have listened to the BF range before, it’s a very interesting read, and it gives us some insight about why the company has…

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