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Big Finish Announces End to The Lost Stories

The universe has to move forward… Everything has its time. And everything ends. So spoke a very wise woman a long time ago and with this in mind it’s time to announce the end of some of Big Finish’s most popular Doctor Who series (what do you mean “melodramatic” – pipe down!). Doctor Who: The…

Monopolising a Classic

Life moves pretty slowly in the board game making business (unless you throw double sixes of course) so with no small fanfare comes Doctor Who: Monopoly, updated for the beginning of Series 6 and thus robbing the Limited Edition set of its one sole selling point (although you might argue its limited numbers had something…

Time Lords to Win GWS?

Today’s opener in the Gallifreyan Worlds Series saw a debacle in sport that left many questioning whether Time Lords should to be allowed to play competitive sport at all. Each time the Mondasian Silverskins struck a home run a Type-60 TARDIS conspicuously appeared at the exact boundary whereupon points would have been scored. A player…

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