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Doctor Who chief Steven Moffat with new companion Jenna Coleman

Moffat’s Doctor Who Series 7b Insights

The main man Steven “The Grand Moff” Moffat has given fans an insight in to the monsters and adventures that we can expect from Doctor Who Series 7b, which kicks off on BBC One and BBC America on March 30th. There are many places to start, but what is interesting is the contemporary setting of…

Bow Tie

The Snowmen ReKapped! (Part Two)

Read Part One here. Clara, Francesca and Digby back away as the Ice Governess advances on them. But where’s the Doctor? “Doctor? Doctor?! Doctor who…?” They turn to their Punch and Judy Show in the corner of the room to find Punch sporting a sonic screwdriver. The puppet aims it at the Ice Governess, activates…

Sherlock Holmes

The Snowmen ReKapped! (Part One)

A white, crystalline structure falls through space. Snow. Snow that snarls and growls and bites. Snow heading for the Earth. England, 1842. Walter Simeon, a young boy, makes a snowman, patting down its sides and smoothing its surface. Other children throw snowballs at each other, far away from Walter. “I don’t need anyone else,” he…

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