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The Day of the Doctors

The Kasterborous Team Reviews The Day of the Doctor

Since 2005 we’ve reviewed every new episode of Doctor Who as it was aired. The majority of these reviews – particularly the event episodes – have been written by me, Christian Cawley, founder and editor. It seemed a little unfair of me to hog the episode for my own personal review under the circumstances, so…

Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World on DVD

Reviewed: The Enemy of the World on DVD

You’re a Doctor Who fan, so it probably won’t have escaped your notice that two ‘lost’ stories from the much-lionised Patrick Troughton era were recently recovered amid a flurry of press and publicity that almost threatened to melt the internet – twice. Back from wherever telly-we’re-never-going-to see-again lives came the all-time most-wanted ‘lost story’, the apparently unassailable The…

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