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Weird Doctor Who Stuff You Can Find On eBay Today

It’s not every day when your eyes are opened to the horrors of Doctor Who figures from the 1970s. Today was that day. You see, I’ve just learned that the Mego/Denys Fisher Cyberman figure from the mid 1970s was NAKED UNDERNEATH. Insane, I know. For some reason, the boiler suit outfit wasn’t glued/stitched to the…

A rare Denys Fisher Cyberman toy from the 1970s

Rare Cyberman Toy on eBay!

EBay: the perfect place to find cheap deals on DVD’s, computer games, books and lots and lots of Doctor Who merchandise. Type “Doctor Who” into the search engine and you’re likely to be fiddling around with the filter for quite some time, so let Kasterborous help out all you collectors by pointing you towards something…

Retro Toys Repackaged!

For all you collectors out there, a new range of Doctor Who collectibles and toys will soon be available to buy from merchandiser Bif Bang Pow! But these aren’t your standard figurines that you can buy at the moment; it’s a rich and varied tapestry that will include not only the 9-inch Denys Fisher toys…

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