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Charlie Higson on Ninth Doctor and Peter Capaldi

Charlie Higson’s new Ninth Doctor story, Beast of Babylon, is the latest in a series of eBooks that the BBC and Puffin Publishing have released to celebrate Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary. Higson, also well-known as an actor and comedian (The Fast Show), recently did an interview for theguardian.com wherein he discusses his long-term love of…

Doctor Who: 50 Years and Counting [VIDEO]

Doctor Who: 50 Years and Counting [VIDEO]

Few fan-made Doctor Who 50th anniversary video celebrations can be as wonderfully captivating as this superb piece of work by TroughtonLover94. It has simply everything – every Doctor, companion, memorable monster and even Take That. Yes, Take That’s “The Flood” provides musical accompaniment. But then, given that song title’s relevance to the Doctor’s comic strip adventures, it…

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