Doctor Who Finale: Master/Missy Flip Splits The PodKast!

A two-part Doctor Who season finale?! It’s like the halcyon days of the RTD era, with Cybermen and the Master wandering around, isn’t it? Except, of course, the Master has a new name, and a brand new look, and the Kasterborous team isn’t quite unanimous on the gender switching of the Doctor’s Time Lord rival….

The Tenth Doctor #4 Cover A (Verity Glass) - edited

The Tenth Doctor #4 by Titan Comics Out Now!

The new ongoing comic series starring David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor storms ahead with new companion, Gabriella Gonzalez’s first trip in the TARDIS. Looks like he’s doing to her what he did to Martha Jones, however: just one trip and then home again! Written by Nick Abadzis with interior art by Elena Casagrande, here’s what you can expect: In exchange…

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