Telltale Games Want Who

Video game producer Telltale have made public their desire to release a Doctor Who licensed title. The developers – many of whom were once at LucasArts and worked on the Sam & Max, Monkey Island and Grim Fandango series of games – are currently enjoying success as a result of their Wallace & Gromit title….

New Micro-Universe Spaceships

The much-championed Micro-Universe Spaceships have been released again under the guise of Timesquad Spacehips. They are re-releasing the Slitheen ship and Captain Jack’s Chula War Ship alongside a brand new SS Pentallian Spaceship. Each comes with a random Timesquad figure. It’s interesting for collectors in another way as well – because Character Options have always…

Who is Karen Gillan?

Little is known about future Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillan – including the name of the character she will be playing! However if you missed her in ITV’s Rebus in 2006 or Channel 4′s The Kevin Bishop Show last year you can can catch Karen Gillan in a forthcoming movie New Town Killers in June….

Where Have I Seen Karen Gillan?

Although pretty much a newcomer, pretty new Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillan’s most notable work is thankfully available on Youtube, including a selection of sketches from 2008s The Kevin Bishop Show. Mechanic (check out the accent!): The OCD OC: Fony PlaySlab – Supermarket Checkout Girls Not for kids – The Gay Pretender: And my favourite…

Tennant Reprises Hamlet

The BBC has announced that David Tennant, Patrick Stewart and all key cast from the 2008 RSC production of Hamlet will be reunited to record the Shakespeare classic for posterity. This is the culmination of a long campaign to have the production recorded folloing realisation of how popular it had been and how it could…

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