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Van Gogh in Croatia?

Doctor Who heads to Croatia this week as location work begins on the Richard Curtis “Vincent Van Gogh” episode of the 2010 series. Revealed on Twitter by @drwholocations and confirmed today by the BBC, the small coastal town of Trogir is the chosen location. It’s not clear if Trogir is doubling for the Netherlands, Belgium,…

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is indeed fast approaching – and to celebrate, the BBC’s Official Doctor Who website is resurrecting its Adventure Calendar (do you see what they did there?) Kicking off today, Tuesday, 1st December, the calendar will be providing a daily “mixture of videos, quizzes, stories, interviews and festive goodies, plus a few surprises as Christmas…

Cribbins Collects BAFTA

Sunday saw Doctor Who guest star Bernard Cribbins receive the outstanding creative contribution honour at the Bafta Children’s Awards in London – presented to him by Donna Noble actress Catherine Tate. Of course he was asked about Doctor Who afterwards, and kept quiet, but the event gave him another opportunity to bemoan the state of…

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