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Wanna sell a newspaper? Then make up some s***e. Doesn’t matter whether it’s about a famous person, or television programme like Doctor Who – you’re in the money-making biz, not the being nice biz. That, and our editorial, is all we’re going to say on the matter of the depths The Sun has sunk to…

Human Nature Preview

This week sees a televisual reworking (as opposed to adaptation) of Paul Cornell’s Human Nature, originally a Virgin Books Doctor Who New Adventure featuring the Seventh Doctor. And now it’s 100% canon, sitting squarely in Series 3 as a two part adventure. Guess who has seen it already? That’s right – Lizo of CBBC Newsround….

I’m Game if Who Are!

(Closes pun dictionary) It seems that Doctor Who games are becoming a major aspect of content delivery on the BBC’s Official Doctor Who website, prompting the organisation to announce a Game Competition. They’ve teamed up with BBC Blast and… …Launched a competition that will give the winner the chance to design and create a Doctor…

42 Reaction

A thrilling “against-the-clock” space-set episode of Doctor Who, or The Imposible Planet‘s very close sister? 42 has split fandom – or perhaps some of them just stared into its heart for too long? The Stage‘s Mark Wright appears to have similar feelings to mny of us about Torchwood adventure Cyberwoman, writer Chris Chibnall and guest…

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