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What You Thought Of Into the Dalek & Robot of Sherwood

Let’s take a look at the audience reaction to the last two episodes of Doctor Who Series 8, Into the Dalek and Robot of Sherwood. Both episodes aired at 7.30pm on BBC One, in what appears to be a new permanent timeslot for the show (although once Tumble finishes things might change a little). Interestingly,…


5 Similarities Between Time Leech & The Wedding of River Song

With almost monthly regularity, our blessed podKast listener is treated condemned to the excruciatingly tedious exchange between our (still-current) editor Christian Cawley and Brian “I Cosplay As Ten” Terranova concerning their barely-read-and-ignored-by-DWM-despite-several-begging-emails Time Leech comic strip from 2008 and the similarities with Steven Moffat’s The Wedding of River Song in 2011. You may know that…


Big Splash

“Flipping heck, what was I thinking? What did I just do?” Eleven words, just eleven, that did not enter my mind on Friday when I posted the (now removed) article concerning the snipping of a scene from Robot of Sherwood because the prevailing view in broadcasting circles is that viewers need their hands held and…

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