Editorial opinion from Christian Cawley and Brian A Terranova

The Doctor sends the empty people to their room in The Doctor Dances

Spoilers: The Childish Destruction of Surprise

I’ve never felt unbridled anger about a spoiler. Not until now. Anyone who follows us on Twitter will have seen my reaction to what can be described as the biggest spoiler in Doctor Who since… Christopher Eccleston quit, I guess (and the spoiler in question isn’t comparable to that situation, before you get over-excited.) Leaked…

Doctor Who's original TARDIS team

The Big Four-Nine!

A big day for everyone involved with and having a love for Doctor Who, November 23rd is twelve months away from being one of the biggest days of 2013. Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is going to be epic. Big, loud, Time Lords past and present everywhere in book, TV, comic, toy and audio form, more…

Is Jenna-Louise Coleman the new Doctor Who Companion?

When Fandom Shames

Do you know something? Doctor Who is massively intricate and multi-layered. Most of the time this is wonderful as it allows a show that has twisted and turned and revived itself in many ways over the years to be loved by so many. However sometimes this sucks. Casting tends to bring the worst out of…

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