Articles by Thomas Spychalski

Tom has been a Doctor Who fan since the early eighties and has developed a deep love and admiration for the show and its universe in that time.


The Young Have No Re-‘Morse’

Certainly Inspector Morse has been a boon for ITV since it first adapted the British  detective from the printed word to the television in 1987. That first series ran till 2000 and produced thirty-three Morse adventures, even more adventures then the original run of novels by Colin Dexter. The series also gave birth to a…


Cat In Paradise

The role of Dwayne Meyers, a member of the police force on the island of Saint-Marie might not quite be the same type of character as a humanoid life form that evolved from a pet cat, but then again, few things are. Actor Danny John-Jules, who plays both the evolved feline onRed Dwarf and the…

015 The Space Museum

Doctor Who has always been known for it’s ability to change from adventure to adventure in terms of tone and subject matter. Being able to do a western one moment and a space opera the next is surely one of the reasons we are now counting down to the programmes 50th anniversary. The Space Museum…

William Hartnell as the Doctor in The Reign of Terror

008 The Reign of Terror

During this journey through the first season of Doctor Who we have been treated to the brilliance of the show and it’s initial concepts. We marveled at the rise of the Daleks, have been brought to some of the most awe inspiring locations in Human history and survived the perils of totally alien environments. However…

Ukweli Roach: Law Eternal

Ukweli Roach plays Tom Greening in Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham’s (Life On Mars, Ashes to Ashes) new series Eternal Law. Greening is an angel new to working as a lawyer on Earth. Roach sat down with Cult Box to talk about his new role earlier this week. The highlights are below: On why he…

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