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The Time of the Doctor - Regeneration 2

Steven Moffat Discusses Regeneration

In the wake of Deep Breath’s broadcast, an interview with showrunner, Steven Moffat has been revealed and it brings up some interesting talking points. First off, the Doctor’s lack of memory for his previous encounter with the clockwork droids and their quest-for-flesh… The monster was re-used as it was a ready-made threat that didn’t need…

It’s A Doctor Who Flash Bang Wallop!

It’s A Doctor Who Flash Bang Wallop!

We love a good montage here at Kasterborous Towers. Contemplate if you will, dear reader, on this snippet of Who-love from Babelcolour – YouTube master of polychroming the monochrome and editing our favourite show into improbably brilliant tributes. Proving that fifty years worth of a television show as diverse as Doctor Who provides enough material…

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