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ITV in for DT…

August 13th, 2006 | by Christian Cawley

It seems that now they’ve pulled Billie Piper and resurrected “Cracker” and “Prime Suspect”, ITV are after Doctor Who… Or

Series 2 US-Bound

August 13th, 2006 | by Christian Cawley

Confirmation has finally been made that the Sci Fi Channel will show Doctor Who Series 2 this year. According to

Doctor Who Series 3

August 10th, 2006 | by Christian Cawley

Shooting is underway for Series 3 of Doctor Who, reports the BBC Press Office! Read carefully, there is some much

DWM Special 14

August 9th, 2006 | by Christian Cawley

Tom Spilsbury of Doctor Who magazine has once again been kind enough to send us details of the upcoming DWM

DWM 373

August 9th, 2006 | by Christian Cawley

Not only is there a new DWM special, but the regular fix of Doctor Who magazine is due out soon…

Nothing Like 1976

August 8th, 2006 | by Christian Cawley

Barmaid? I’ll have a scotch and water, thanks… Oh! Hello! News time, is it? Well you must forgive me for

Tanks A Lot!

August 7th, 2006 | by Christian Cawley

First off, apologies for some late news here. My wife has injured herself in a freak dancing accident and seeing

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