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Published on July 15th, 2014 | by Andrew Reynolds

Mass Effect Meets Doctor Who In New Trailer! [SCREENCAPS]

Recently, a wave of foes both familiar and as yet unrevealed were seen amassing their forces, consolidating their armies and preparing to do battle against the very forces of good – no, it isn’t the Tory cabinet reshuffle; it’s the monsters, robots and, yes even the odd T-Rex, from the first official full length Doctor Who Season Eight trailer.

While speculation is rife about the nature of the Daleks this season, the leaked title of the second episode (don’t know what it is? Don’t go searching, it isn’t relevant just yet) coupled with and the flashes of what appears to be corridors inside of a Teselecta (not to mention the similar rings of neon seen whizzing past Clara as she falls into a darkened void) would seem to hint at a some sort of recursive ‘base under siege’ story (no doubt somewhere Christopher Bidmead is smiling).

What’s more interesting are these altogether new foes, some of which seem a tad familiar…


If you have ever stormed the Citadel, wooed Liara T’Soni or forgot to feed Commander Shepard’s fish then you might – as Euro Gamer have pointed out – recognised this blue-eyed robot (possibly from Gareth Roberts episode) glimpsed briefly in the trailer.

Yes, Mass Effect meets Doctor Who with the appearance of Garrus Vakarian!

Well, okay it isn’t really the former C-Sec Investigator but it bears more than a passing resemblance to Shepard’s Geth slaying right hand man. What’s more, both Steven Moffat and former Doctor Matt Smith were said to be huge fans of the immensely popular, hugely influential game series – the pair were even snapped at SDCC having a play with a model of a Mass Effect Omin – Tool Weapon.

Well, to take this cross-franchise nod a little further, what about this stalk-eyed creature seen tied up in a vault during the trailer?


Doesn’t he bear a little resemblance to Professor Mordin Solus? Perhaps the eyes aren’t as pronounced but there’s a little of the Salarian geneticist in our smash and grab bank raider possibly from episode five, rumoured to be called Time Heist.

So what’s to be made of all this? Perhaps we should just take a leaf out of Professor Solus’ book – after all, he is a rather pragmatic consequentialist: “Designs limited, resemblance playful nod; pilfering not intentional – mutual respect, assured. Best not mention work of Larry Niven.”

Taking a look at the other monsters, robots and indeed dinosaurs perhaps the most interesting new addition is this diabolical fiend ‘Original British Drama’ just who does this menace thing he is? We’ve had monsters in the Wi-Fi, listening to us when we speak to ourselves, and now they are co-opting words themselves to trap jingoistic dramatists!  Oh wait, that’s just a generic title given to all new drama…


Dinosaurs in London! While there is nothing to say these dinosaurs were initially on board a spaceship, there is a shred of evidence (and a whole lot of spurious reasoning) to suggest the era they happen to be stalking about in. The surprisingly calm people in the foreground appear to be wearing Victorian headwear while the smokestack seen in Whitehall seem to suggest that this will be a period piece; namely Deep Breath #keepmespoilerfree

So that’s where Operation Golden Age got the idea from.

Life finds a way indeed.


Up next, a knight from an entirely different realm. The image, apparently taken from Mark Gatiss’ episode, rumoured to be called Knights of Sherwood, shows the helmet opening to reveal the less than gallant creature behind the iron mask. With Dinosaurs roaming the capital, the Doctor’s familiar threads and this Time Warrior alike mix of sci-fi and history; the love for the Pertwee era is palpable.


And finally, another familiar face – seemingly a clockwork droid, last seen hiding under the bed of Madame de Pompadour in The Girl in the Fireplace. Wearing their Victorian finest (and perhaps, the ominous threads of Jack the Ripper if rumours are to be believed) wielding a flaming hand to…weld…something? Either way it looks ominous.

Although perhaps not as ominous as Capaldi himself in full Victorian garb (are those headmasters’ robes I see?)

It’s a stare to haunt foes both new and old…


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Everyone has a favourite Doctor and mine - just for his honesty, his fairness and his ability to not notice the Master's awful, awful disguises/anagrams (Sir Gilles Estram!?!) - has to be the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. The stories didn’t serve him as well as his acting served those stories.

7 Responses to Mass Effect Meets Doctor Who In New Trailer! [SCREENCAPS]

  1. avatar Jonathan Appleton says:

    Nice job Andrew. Those gaming references were new on me but always good to learn something you didn’t know!

  2. avatar teddybowties says:

    So Smith and Moffat (more like Rodgers and Hammerstein FTW) worship at the altar of Mass Effect, do they? heheheh. I really ought ot paly that game.

    • Who is “Smith”…?

  3. avatar Barry says:

    Hi. can I ask that if you are going to start discussing leaked stuff then you warn people. I stopped reading as soon as you mentioned the rumoured nature of the daleks this season so I may be over reacting but already that’s potentially a plot twist you just alerted me to where the surprise is undermined. A discussion of the trailers themselves I would have been quite happy with. A warning is all I ask. Cheers.

    • Hi Barry

      We certainly didn’t intend to spoil you. However there is nothing in this piece (save a badly constructed sentence which I’m about to fix) that spoils anything that you haven’t already seen in the trailer.

      And of course if you haven’t seen the trailer, you wouldn’t be looking at this post, would you? :)

  4. I like that they’re referring back to Classic Who. As a new fan who’s just discovering the MASSIVE legends, I enjoy the history of the series. Can’t wait till this new series debuts!

  5. avatar Jon says:

    Is it just me that sees the image of the Flesh in the Dalek eye-stalk? Or has it been a long day and I should relax more?

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