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Published on July 4th, 2014 | by Danny_Weasel

Is Frank Cottrell Boyce The Missing Doctor Who Series 8 Writer?

We are now mere weeks away from the return of Doctor Who and still there is so much that we don’t know – isn’t the suspense brilliant?

Well the latest bit of juicy information to trickle out is that Frank Cottrell Boyce has been linked to that final blank space in the list of writers for Series 8 which includes a plethora of talent both new and returning such as Phil Ford, Stephen Thompson, Gareth Roberts, Peter Harness and Jaime Mathieson.

Frank has previously worked with Russell T Davies on Granada drama Springhill in the mid-1990s so he does have links to the show. He is also the man responsible for movies such as Millions, 24 Hour Party People and most recently the Colin Firth starring adaptation Railway Man – oh and also the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

If true this is quite a big deal for the show to attract someone with such a high-profile resume, but then again since its return to the airwaves in 2005 the show has pulled in some of the biggest and best names for writing duties. Not counting the likes of Moffat, Gatiss and Russell T we have had some frankly epic names.

Neil Gaiman

The man who gave us the award-winning The Doctor’s Wife and the slightly less prestigious Nightmare in Silver is a best-selling author in his own right with international best sellers galore and a string of very successful film adaptations of his works such as Stardust, Coraline and Neverwhere (which was amazingly a best-selling novel, a TV series, a comic book and most recently a radio drama). Rumour has it he is working on another script for the Doctor, but it is unlikely to be for Series 8.

Chris Chibnall

The man who gave the world Broadchurch has also given us episodes of Merlin, worked on Law and Order UK and was the only person other than the creators to write for Life on Mars. Chris has done some sterling work for the Doctor in the past in the form of stories like 42Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and the mini episodes of Pond Life.

Neil Cross

The man behind the Idris Elba smash hit Luther (which gets bonus points for co-starring Paul McGann) jumped into Series 7 to give us two stories that had polarizing reactions fro fans in the shape of Rings of Akhaten and Hide.

Richard Curtis

Blackadder, Mr Bean, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, War Horse, Bridget Jones. Seriously, I could fill a whole page with the list of awesome that this man has given the world through his writing for both the big and small screen, but to us Whovians he will always be the man who makes us cry every time we see sunflowers. Vincent and the Doctor is rightly regarded as one of the best episodes of Doctor Who of all time and stands as a landmark for what writers can do when given the wide palette that Doctor Who offers.

Of course the list goes on and on for top notch writing on the show, with new and untested writers sharing space with veterans, which brings us nicely back to the fine line up we have for series eight now. With a clutch of tried and tested writers like Mark Gatiss, Gareth Roberts and the Moff leading the charge while some big guns strike out at the show for the first time like Peter Harness and Jaime Mathieson and with the idea that Frank Cottrell Boyce could be rounding out the team, well it fills me with even more enthusiasm that this could well be one of those vintage years that fans will talk about for years to come.

So what do you think, do we have the dream team of writers or would you rather see a different line up? Who have been some of your favourite guest writers, are you sitting there screaming at your screen that I dint mention one of your top writers? If so put those thoughts into words and leave a comment below.


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4 Responses to Is Frank Cottrell Boyce The Missing Doctor Who Series 8 Writer?

  1. avatar Yoyo says:

    Not so familiar with most of these, but am very excited anyway! Although I would like to see a female writer sometime soon…

  2. avatar DonnaM says:

    If this rumour is the one from my local paper, the Liverpool Echo, I’d be a bit cautious. It suggests a double episode, which I assume is a two-parter when there’s only one space to be filled. That rumour was doing the rounds way back, around the time filming started as I recall.

    I’m hopeful we will see an episode from the gentleman in question, maybe even in this coming series, though. If the quote is accurate, it’s very good news.

  3. avatar redflagwalks says:

    All fine writers but where are the women? There never been more women writers in fiction, TV and theatre but none get to write Doctor Who . What is going on? My suggestions – Kate Griffin, author of the Midnight Mayor novels; Cherie Priest, author of the Clockwork Century novels; and Una McCormack who has written Doctor Who novels and also written for Big Finish

  4. avatar simon magellan says:

    As has now been officially confirmed – he is! This has been long rumoured, and keeps up the tradition under Moffat of at least one big name new writer a season, as you point out. Apparently his episode will feature a cast of children though, so be afraid, be very afraid…

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