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Published on July 7th, 2014 | by Philip Bates

BBC “Sorry” After Five Doctor Who Series 8 Scripts Leak [SPOILER-FREE]

It’s happened again.

There’s been a major leak at BBC Worldwide, resulting in the scripts for the first five episodes of Series 8 appearing online. The BBC has said sorry to all the fans and are investigating.

“BBC Worldwide is currently investigating a security issue around Doctor Who Series 8 where unfinished material has inadvertently been made public,” they say. “We deeply regret this and apologise to all the show’s fans, the BBC and the cast and crew who have worked tirelessly making the series.” (At least they’re stating that these are unfinished, so at least some polishing would be done in-situ… although how much is unknown.)

They go on to ask people not to search for the scripts (and they’re very, very easy to find), mainly because it’ll spoil the series… hence the word ‘spoilers’! The BBC continue: “We would like to make a plea to anyone who might have any of this material and spoilers associated with it not to share it with a wider audience so that everyone can enjoy the show as it should be seen when it launches. We know only too well that Doctor Who fans are the best in the world and we thank them for their help with this and their continued loyalty.”

The fully-filmed episodes were reportedly posted online too, but were swiftly taken down.

BBC Worldwide is currently investigating a security issue around Doctor Who Series 8 where unfinished material has inadvertently been made public.

It’s just the latest in a long line of leaks: most notably, Rose appeared online before it aired, thus tainting the relaunch of Doctor Who for many, and the email announcing that Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, would be leaving also did the rounds.

How did this happen? Some are claiming it’s a publicity stunt, but that’s highly unlikely – it would mean the BBC were really desperate, at a time when publicity for the show is already kicking into a higher gear thanks to a brand new Doctor in Peter Capaldi. Those brief trailers, too, are teasing enough: we don’t need scripts to get all excited!

It sounds as if they were leaked after being sent to the newly-opened Miami headquarters for translation. That site has completely gone offline now. The watermark lists the script as belonging to Marcelo Camargo, but no one can find anything out about this member of the crew, if indeed he exists.

It’s an appalling slip-up and Kasterborous refuses to give you any spoilers; we also ask that you don’t seek them out. Surely you don’t want your first impressions of the Twelfth Doctor (a milestone step for the show) ruined like that?

What positives can we get form this, without reading the scripts? The titles sound promising, but we won’t announce them right now. It confirms that Deep Breath, the first episode of the run, written by Steven Moffat and directed by Ben Wheatley, is “feature-length” – likely about 79 minutes!

It also appears that subsequent episodes, by Phil Ford, Mark Gatiss, Moffat, and Steve Thompson, are slightly longer than the average running time of previous series; only by a few minutes or so but that might be the olive branch the BBC are extending to us after supposedly cutting the series down by one episode.

Please don’t include spoilers in any comments on Kasterborous: they will be deleted.


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60 Responses to BBC “Sorry” After Five Doctor Who Series 8 Scripts Leak [SPOILER-FREE]

  1. avatar Darren says:

    I can’t find them! I only want to read the first couple of pages!

  2. avatar Michael says:

    The story is true. I found the scripts online.

    • avatar Matt Luther says:

      Link or where you found them?

  3. avatar Christine says:

    Doesn’t something like this happen every year? Has someone been fired who wants to get even or what? Just don’t get it.

  4. avatar lozzer says:

    I hate it when this happens – the internet is going to be a minefield in the run up to the new series now. Such a shame for all involved in the series, I just hope people have the decency to keep spoilers to themselves.

  5. avatar Ian Gettings says:

    Whilst it seems bad in this context that things get leaked, another side of me loves the very human, free idea that stuff is able to not be secured and legally tied up in knots. Stuff gets out. It’s like the missing episodes and things. It goes against the principles freedom of information, human equality and egalitarian beliefs that stuff is sealed so tightly. Having said that, I don’t want spoilers, but I love that I have the choice to pursue spoilers and take the consequences at the same time and valuing the BBC’s attempts to safeguard the viewers’ experiences.

    • avatar Spider-pope says:

      But on the other hand, surely people have a right to control their own property? This was theft, the individual responsible took something that did not belong to them and then copied and distributed it.

      • Its not theft, its a screener meaning it was given to this person.
        It is a violation of copyright, but theft is not involved here.

        • You’re both misinformed.

          It was theft, but the chap named on the screener isn’t the culprit. An unsecured http server was easily accessed by *someone* looking at the BBC Miami website, and this is how the data was acquired – as simple as browsing this very website.

    • avatar simon magellan says:

      So you’d have no objection to all your banking information being posted online then? If so, please post it here and I’ll be sure to spread it all over the net for you.

  6. avatar quigonj2014 says:

    I know this is sad, but every time I see Wheatley, all I can think of is the robot by that name from Portal 2. Wheatley is voiced by Stephen Merchant of The Office fame.

    It’s only six weeks till the real thing, so might as well wait.

  7. avatar C Yang says:

    A good time to test the integrity of the Whoniverse :p

  8. avatar Jason Z says:

    Well I don’t want to read the scripts but I did watch the video ‘Celebrating 50 Years of American Doctor Who’ that’s on the Bleeding Cool page you linked to (direct link: ). It’s great!

  9. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    If people (like Michael above who, bizarrely, seems to be boasting about spoiling the new series for himself) wish to find the scripts they will do so – it’s not rocket science to find them. I don’t care if they do – that is their choice. I, personally, can and will wait till next month to enjoy the show the way the cast and crew intended it to be shown – they work bloody hard to give us quality TV, and sadly their efforts to keep us spoiler-free are undermined by certain a*seholes. We have waited so long for the new series why spoil it for ourselves for the sake of a few weeks advanced knowledge? If any of you have read the scripts then do the rest of us a favour and keep it to yourselves!

  10. avatar Michael says:

    Spolier time! The Doctor Who Series 8 scripts are printed on white paper, using black ink. One world on each script is in red. Each script has a title, mentions the author and is between 65 and 75 pages in length. A watermark tells to whom the script was given. There are no photos or drawing in the script, only words, except for the Doctor Who logo at the top of the first page. So now you know all about the Series 8 scripts.

    • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

      Sarcasm not your strong point then? That’s assuming sarcasm – or at least a slight degree of irony at least – was your intended goal there.

      • avatar James Lomond says:

        Whoa steady on Franco… I don’t think Michael was “boasting” hr just said he managedto find what ate apparently leaked scripts and the story didn’t appear to be a hoax. really it’s none of our biz where hr should it shouldn’t and I don’t think bring mean is going to help. tbh I’m wondering about the pros/ cons of leaks-no one who Cates about bring spoilered is going to miss the broadcasts but dome media attention might well get more casual viewers to tune in. just speculating. end if the day it’s s shame but hopefully ppl will keep spoilers tucked away from view online.

        • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

          I never intended disrespect to Michael in the first place (as you can see, I clearly state it is up to the individual whether they seek these leaks). I just didn’t really get his follow-up comment. I think he was trying to show wit via sarcasm or something but ultimately failed. If he and others have read the scripts I just hope they have the decency to keep that info to themselves as the vast majority of us don’t want to know until the stories are broadcast as intended. Plus, either your keyboard is broke, your drunk or English isn’t your 1st language as your post isn’t the easiest to read. Don’t take that too personally now :)

          • avatar James Lomond says:

            Blimey, yes the post is a bit of a mess – it had more to do with a delayed flight and dying phone battery but thanks for the break down of possible explanations. You’re clearly a *fixer* :D

        • avatar Michael says:

          Yes, James, you are correct. I merely was stating that the story was true and I had first hand knowledge that it was true. Many on the Internet today claimed it was as a hoax, and many claimed it was a hoax because they could not do “rocket science” and find the scripts .Amazing how a simple confirmation statement gets one call all sorts of names. For me the sad part is that while everyone say wait, and not to read them till they air, Doctor Who will not even be broadcast in my location.

          • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

            Michael, the last thing I want to do is upset sensitive souls such as yourself so I apologize. Enough said as I am sure we both have other things to be getting on with.

    • avatar Al says:

      If only others had your level of restraint.

  11. avatar The 2.5th Doctor says:

    I’ll I want to know is how long that first episode is going to be.

    • avatar Marie says:

      Its been reported the first episode is 75mins long.

      • avatar The 2.5th Doctor says:

        Yeah. I’ve heard that too.

    • avatar simon magellan says:

      The article above you actually says it’s probably around 79 minutes

  12. avatar drewboynton says:

    That darn Marcelo…

    • avatar quigonj2014 says:

      I dunno, from what I read, it seems like he has something to do with the Spanish titles or dub of the show. He probably put it on the BBC server thinking it was safe, but the permissions were wrong on the server. Beats me how the kiddies found it, but I don’t think the leak was intentional.

  13. avatar TimeChaser says:

    There’s that evil part of me that would love to find and read these scripts, but I will remain on the side of good and keep from being spoiled until the season premier.

  14. avatar DonnaM says:

    I like my spoilers, but this…. count me out. It smacks of another nobody wanting to be somebody, or more charitably of monumental stupidity somewhere along the line.

    And I thought they were doing so well keeping the big stuff secret until now.

    Since to hope it’s a cockup rather than a conspiracy: to think someone would deliberately undermine the hard work of so many talented people is really not pleasant.

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      Stupid touchscreen! That should have said sincerely!

  15. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    Choosing not to read it online is easy. It’s the papers you have to now avoid. And work colleagues blabbing stuff out. Good luck folks.

    • avatar Al says:

      Yeah, I’m waiting for the tabloids to spill the beans because they don’t care. I also saw one troll post an Episode 4 spoiler (likely a major one) to a Twitter feed dedicated to spreading the word not to post spoilers. I thought that was pretty classy. Real Doctor Who Fans, if they obtain the scripts, know to keep the info to themselves (like those who attended the screenings of Asylum of the Daleks or found that mislaid Nightmare in Silver script in the taxi last year). It’s the people who aren’t fans and just want to “make nerds upset” that we have to watch out for. Personally, I’m more concerned about “game changing” spoilers that may occur rather than “the Doctor and Clara land on a planet where bad stuff is happening” type spoilers. Likewise I don’t see episode titles being a problem unless they contain spoilers (i.e. The Wedding of River Song).

  16. avatar simon magellan says:

    “The scripts appear to have been uploaded from the BBC Worldwide site in Miami, which was left open to public indexing, meaning scripts from Doctor Who, as well as scripts from other popular BBC programmes such as Top Gear and Call the Midwife, were accessible to anyone with an internet link”

    Top Gear has a script???

    • avatar Lucas W says:

      Sadly yes; all (or at least a large amount of) the presenters’ silly banter in studio is scripted. I don’t like to think about that though, so imagine that was all a lie.

  17. avatar Al says:

    They only need to add about 4 minutes per episode to create the equivalent run time of a full episode, so that could explain why 12 and not 13. Anyway, the question that has to be asked is how did people know to actually go and find these scripts? Who blabbed, or are there hackers who honestly spend all their time messing about on websites looking for back doors?

    • avatar James Mclean says:

      Whatever the cause, the sad fact remains that Entertainment is one territory consumers feel a degree of “right” and “ownership” to do as they please. When it’s apparent some fans would merrily circulate this material for attention or on the basis that they have a freedom to indulge as they wish, the whole notion of investment in a product, ownership of a product and the rights of those involved in a product go through the window. That’s what saddens me. Whether you personally love/like/sort-of-appreciate/hate the current production of the show, or its individual members, they are still professional, human beings who you are spoiling their long, hard work.

      If any of us had worked a solid year on taking a concept to production, how thrilled would we be knowing that leaked documents were being merrily ingested by its fans against our hopes to showcase our product? Feels like being a magician waiting to go out and perform but you’re aware that some people have found your magic book and read it. Suddenly going out and performing seems less special.

      The fact it leaked is disturbing, the fact that there are some fans who’d indulge in the material, given they really should have more empathy for the creators, is more so.

      • avatar simon magellan says:

        absolutely agree with this.

  18. avatar kevin merchant says:

    It looks like we will have to avoid all the papers for the next three months. Kasterborous please warn about spoilers if you spot them!


  19. avatar teddybowties says:

    Funny how suddenly we start hearing about major leakage when they’ve taken every precaution… almost as though… Moffat cast the Ninja Centerfold Jutsu and is doing it on purpose behind our backs. I can totally see it. reverse the polarity of the psychology flow. row your boat and what.

  20. avatar Ian Gettings says:

    Anyone else getting a bit suspicious that it is all a promotion scam/trailer thing. I have looked online and apart from the oh-so-convenient pics of the cover pages, nothing, nada, zip. Apart from some suspicious looking torrent sites that want you to download them. One guy on Gallifreybase said he had seen them, but when I private message him he conveniently had no link and doesn’t so far appear to even have a pdf to pass on. Am very suspicious until I see some images from actual pages. Of course all the sites have been contacted by the BBC to stop spoilers. Hmmm. Big announcement of the leak to every news agency too…

    • avatar Darren says:

      Ian, I found them last night after about half an hour of searching. They were sat on an anonymous google drive. I’ve read page one of episode one and there are enough spoilers in that to keep me going until august so I’ve deleted them! I don’t think it’s a conspiracy or a leak, just a little bit of negligence on behalf of the BBC or someone working for them.

      • avatar Ian Scales says:

        Er, two lines of dialogue would be fine. Or a pic or something to convince me a bit more. Sounds like the emperor’s new clothes to me.

    • avatar TonyS says:

      I started off suspicious, I am afraid. Mr Moff is an expert at manipulating publicity. This news keeps the programme in the public attention again. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it. It’s part of the BBC’s job to promote the programme.

      • avatar Al says:

        The show was already in the public eye with the trailer. It didn’t need extra publicity. And this isn’t some publicity ploy otherwise it’s the first time I’ve ever seen an entire division of an international media organization being thrown under the bus for a few extra headlines.

        • There is a whole lot more to this than is being shared in the press, from what we’ve been told (and can’t share until an announcement/arrest is made) so rest assured it is a legitimate incident.

          • avatar DonnaM says:

            I’m a cynic but the idea that Moffat might be a party to a leak of this magnitude never even entered my mind.

            I’m very saddened that there might be more than good old fashioned human incompetence, if that’s what you are hearing, Christian!

    • avatar TommyO says:

      It’s definitely real. Couldn’t resist, so just checked out the first few pages of each eps. Definitely looks legit. Also, It seems to have been put up on the everyone’s favorite ever resilient torrent site as well according to a friend.

  21. avatar Lucas W says:

    I’m going to be honest… I have gone online, I have found them and I have downloaded them. But, and it is a very big but, probably the biggest but ever written in a comment… I could never bring myself to read them before broadcast date. I love Doctor Who too much to ruin it, and respect the cast and crew too much to spoil their hard work in this way. I only downloaded them because I am interested in becoming a writer (and, indeed, a Doctor Who writer) so I thought that after the episodes have all been broadcast I could go back and read them to learn how to write scripts. But at the moment, they are in a folder (to which only my mum has the password) on my computer (to which only I have the password) meaning that when the time is right, I can have a good look. For now however they must stay where they are. No way is series eight going to be spoiled for me!

    • avatar simon magellan says:

      If you want to be a writer then consider this: these scripts were the work of individuals. They belong to those people and the BBC who paid for them. They are not your property and you did not obtain them legally. If you were one of these writers, if this was your work, would you want it put on line without your consent?

      • avatar James Mclean says:

        Well put.

      • avatar Lucas W says:

        I wouldn’t mind if it was put up after the broadcast; in fact I would be perfectly happy for people to use my work for educational, inspiration or even just entertainment purposes. Although I do think it is horrible that people have put them online before broadcast, all the effort that went into writing the scripts only for the full effect of the episodes to be ruined. This is just how I feel, but I wouldn’t mind people reading the scripts, but out of respect for the writers I would never read them before broadcast.

        • avatar Lucas W says:

          It’s only to get a grasp of writing for Who as I couldn’t find accurate scripts for the show elsewhere, apart from Smith and Jones. I will, of course, delete them after I have read and have got to grips with the writing style for the show. Really, it sprung from respect and admiration for the Doctor Who scriptwriters, I couldn’t think of a better group of writers to learn from.

  22. avatar John Shandler says:

    Found them. Read them. No spoilers here. I always read the plot before going to see movies anyway- it doesn’t spoil it for me, but I totally respect anyone else’s right to go into this fresh.
    Have I ever downloaded a song without paying for it? No. Have I ever downloaded a film without paying for it? No.
    Can I resist not looking at the scripts for the new series of my favourite show? No. And I will watch it with joy when it appears on my screen in late August.

  23. avatar simon magellan says:

    Anyone suggesting that the BBC are faking this for publicity should consider the storm that would break if it were true and were discovered – the BBC have been through a lot of controversy lately, would they really risk more – including no doubt being dragged before Parliament again – just for a bit of (actually quite negative) publicity, especially with elements within the Government calling for radical reform, even breakup, of the Corporation? Seems unlikely to me.

    • avatar Ian Scales says:

      Let’s see a pdf then or an image of an inside page – even a link can’t be too difficult to post :)..

      • Links will not be posted here, nor will images.

        Ian: please see my earlier comment on this issue. It is a criminal matter that the police and the authorities are involved.

        • avatar Ian Scales says:

          Sorry – (sorry, I didn’t actually mean here – I kinda meant finding them anywhere online as I was doubting it has even happened. Just wanted some evidence the Beeb and others were actually reporting the facts that they have been genuinely leaked. No worries though.)

  24. avatar Hyncharas says:

    I do think there is a problem with top shows, even top franchises, where there are people who get hired believing good publicity can only come from the minority spoiling it for everyone else.

    Now I’ve made many a comment on here before, some of which are suppositions, but these are just guesses based on the facts that are out there. If this, indeed, proves to be the result of one person’s opinion, not a marketing ploy, they should sack that person immediately.

  25. avatar Lorne Malvo says:

    I downloaded them and read the first one. I thought they were fake and then did some research after I read ‘Deep Breath’. It was fine but seeing Capaldi do the actual lines will be better. I was like “Hey, this is matching the pics I’ve seen of them filming so far.” If it was an elaborate hoax someone went to a lot of work to make them official but they are official it seems. They give a great example of Moffat’s writing in actual script form for an aspiring writer.

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