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Published on May 7th, 2014 | by Alex Skerratt

The War Doctor Returns in Engines of War!

Ooh, now – this is rather exciting. Remember back in 2005 how the Time War was nothing but a distant, mysterious concept, substantiated only by fleeting references from a teary-eyed Doctor? Well, now we have a brand new novel set during the war itself, with a brand new Doctor to boot!

Doctor Who: Engines of War is an official BBC release from author George Mann, so this crucial chapter in the Time Lord’s life is indubitably canon, (which is quite apt for a war story!) As the writer himself said in Doctor Who Magazine:

“A new companion! Calculating Time Lords! New Dalek paradigms! It’s a war story, at its heart, set against the backdrop of great turmoil and chaos.

“But it’s also about the Doctor’s personal journey, how he ends up where he is at the beginning of The Day of the Doctor. He’s been through the wringer; and in Engines of War, he’s not given any reprieve.”


The story opens with the Doctor leading a flotilla of war TARDISes against a Dalek stronghold, but, “in the midst of the carnage”, the Doctor’s TARDIS crash-lands on the planet Moldox, an apocalyptic landscape overrun with little green blobs in bonded polycarbide armour! Teaming up with a young Dalek hunter named Cinder, the Time Lord’s struggle takes him from “the ruins of Moldox to the halls of Gallifrey”, setting in motion “a chain of events that will change everything. And everyone…”

Now, even if you’re not a book fan, Engines of War sounds like it has the potential to be All Kinds of Awesome. It’s not out until July 31st, so there’s plenty of time to get those £9.54 pre-orders in!

Go on – it won’t Hurt…


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13 Responses to The War Doctor Returns in Engines of War!

  1. avatar lee moone says:

    Hoping Hurt will read the audio book with Nick Briggs doing Dalek voices. Will buy the book anyway. Hmm wonder if we finally get to find out what this incarnation calls himself?

    • “Hi, I’m Eric.”

    • avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

      Might introduce himself by saying ‘people call me the Doctor’ but not actually refer to himself as such. Or ‘the Renegade’ as referred to in the IDW comics.

  2. Certainly sounds like it’s well worth the read.

  3. avatar Gina Gregory says:

    What the 8th hadnt been thru the wringer? He was already tired when he regen’d

  4. avatar Al says:

    Excellent news! I knew they weren’t going to leave War as just a one-off. This also counts as a “past Doctor” novel too, of course. And if they’re giving one to the War Doctor, I’m willing to bet we’ll be getting a late-period Eighth Doctor novel before too long, too! And nice to see a proper novel for once, rather than an e-novella. It’s been a while.

    • avatar mrjohnm says:

      Yes, I was hoping that this novel may not only be the start of a series of “War Doctor” novels, but that we’ll also see the 8th Doctor in print again, this time chronicling his adventures during the Time War!

  5. avatar boaomega22 says:

    Love it. Never get tired of great stories. Never tire of a physical book.

    • avatar mrjohnm says:

      I love reading, and I completely agree that there is nothing quite like the feeling of a brand new book in your hands while you sit in your favorite chair with a cup of coffee on the side table. You just can’t get that feeling with an E reader!

  6. avatar Spider-pope says:

    Fantastic. Slightly dubious about the author, George Mann can be somewhat inconsistent in quality, but i’ll be giving it a chance given the subject matter.

  7. avatar jim says:

    Special Weapons Dalek on the left of the cover!

  8. Hmm… Excited about this news! However, I can’t seem to find a U.S. date (looked on Amazon and B&N). Does anyone know when us folks on the other side of the Atlantic are set to get this?

    • avatar Spacedog2k5 says:

      Hmm.. So I’m guess there is no U.S. release forthcoming for this one, then?

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