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Published on May 17th, 2014 | by Alex Skerratt

The Tweet We All Missed: The Shape Of The TARDIS Team

Someone’s clearly put a Perception Filter around the current Doctor Who production!

Earlier in the week, new companion Samuel Anderson took to the Twittersphere to give a rather important casting update - and it went virtually unnoticed.

We already know that George is guest-starring in the Lanzarote episode, (thanks to an earlier press release), but until now her role in the show has been unspecified. Some rumours suggest that she is a pupil from the Coal Hill School, and that showrunner Steven Moffat is attempting to recreate the original TARDIS lineup, (incorporating the Doctor, two teachers and a student.)

What do you think, Kasterborites? Would this be a fitting tribute to the classic series as it enters its 51st year? Or would you rather the show was taken in bold new directions? (For instance, is it time for a tentacled companion from Zaston 4? Called Dennis?)

Personally, I’m still waiting for Katarina to come back…

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10 Responses to The Tweet We All Missed: The Shape Of The TARDIS Team

  1. avatar Harry M VanHoudnos says:

    I have mixed feelings on this. While I feel that its a great tribute to the early days of the show, especially the early days of the Hartnell era, ITS TOO LATE! If Moffat wanted to do something like this, why not last season, the 50th anniversary season?

  2. avatar Mobius64 says:

    Ehh, I would rather not have a child in the show, it might put a limit or restrictions on the episodes since children can only work a certain number of hours, less than adults. I don’t know how that would effect the production of episodes but I imagine it would.
    I would rather we were given something different for at least a series. Maybe a non-British companion? Just for a change? Or someone not from contemporary Britain but from the past or the future. Or maybe even an alien. It would be nice to see something new.
    If it was a character from the Sarah Jane Adventures, that would be cool though. I think it would be nice to see Luke, Clyde, Maria, Rani or Sky again. It would make an interesting story, too, since Elizabeth Sladen, and presumably Sarah Jane Smith, unfortunately died.

  3. avatar DonnaM says:

    Are we sure this means actually travelling with the Doctor, not just being a part of the Doctor Who team? The last I heard, Samuel Anderson’s character was described as recurring rather than a companion, which I took to be like a first series Mickey, or something similar: an Earthbound character who will appear when the Doctor and Clara connect with her normal life. I’d certainly prefer that to cluttering things up with two extra travellers. It feels to me that Clara still needs time to develop as a companion before we add more.

    On the age issue though, a pupil at a secondary school might be almost eighteen if she was in her last year studying for A Levels. Correct me if I’m remembering wrongly, but that’s not a great deal younger than a certain bored shop assistant! And in that case the actress concerned would almost certainly be an adult, able to work the same hours as everybody else.

  4. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    Just please don’t be as abysmal as the kids from Nightmare In Silver etc… God awful!

  5. avatar Ian says:

    A crowded Tardis is all we need. I hope we don’t have a kid on board. Why can’t we just stick to Clara and the Doctor, not much room for character development with three companions in 45 minutes. It didn’t work in the early 80′s. Is it because Capaldi is older?

  6. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Perhaps it would be a neat idea for an episode, but not as an ongoing thing through the season.

  7. avatar Rick714 says:

    Maybe it’s not best to judge until we see the finished product in this case! After all, the ’80′s Davison clan may have been abysmal but I put that down to JNT. The original Tardis crew with Hartnell was fantastic–although sure, Susan was a bit of an ankle twister, but still, this also may be us seeing the new companion’s family much as we’d seen other families in the past.

  8. avatar kanlo says:

    It would depend on how it’s done. Like Mobius64, I would love to see any of the kids from SJA in Who, but that’s because their characters weren’t cardboard cut-out clichés (unlike the kids in Nightmare in Silver).

  9. avatar Stephen Simpson says:

    I think people should calm down no one has said how long her character is in and even if she’s recurring or not!

  10. avatar Bar says:

    Definitely Dennis the tentacled companion.
    He could live in the swimming pool.
    Seriously though I’d prefer fewer earth girls and fewer companions cluttering up the TARDIS / scripts.
    Much as I loved Barbara, Ian and Vikki, Amy, Rory and Brian, even Tegan and Turlough, we don’t need lots of audience identification figures, just enough to encounter different characters and genuinely alien aliens rather than endless humanoids with funny heads.

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