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Published on May 4th, 2014 | by Nick Kitchen

Rose Tyler Coming to Titan Gallifrey Collection!

Whovians, you spoke and Titan Entertainment listened! In response to massive interest, Titan has confirmed that they will be adding Rose Tyler to their popular TITANS Gallifrey Collection!

“Since we first started our Doctor Who TITANS all that time ago, fans have been requesting one figure more than any other, we received emails, tweets, requests at every show we displayed at – and we listened also we really wanted to do it, because we’re massive fans too…we can now proudly reveal – Rose Tyler is confirmed for the TITANS Gallifrey Collection! Due for release alongside the 10th Doctor, K9, The Master and more, the Bad Wolf herself – as memorably portrayed by Billie Piper – will be available as a 3” blind boxed figure as designed by superstar artist Matt Jones aka Lunartik!”

Here is a look at the incoming lineup:


The set, featuring Ms. Tyler, is due out in August, and UK buyers can place their £7.99 order from Forbidden Planet now. Will you be buying up blind boxes in search of Rose this summer? Do let us know below, won’t you?


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One Response to Rose Tyler Coming to Titan Gallifrey Collection!

  1. avatar Al says:

    Cute, but I hate blind boxes, especially at $10 a pop which is what the last set of Titans cost. I always end up with duplicates. In this set I’m only interested in the Rose one, but unless the store cheats and marks on the box which one it is (I see stores do that all the time with Japanese blind boxes like the ones for the Thunderbirds and Star Trek starships that came out a few years ago) I really am not interested in the gamble.

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