Published on May 24th, 2014 | by Nick Kitchen

Gallifrey Calling: Is Peter De Jersey Returning To Doctor Who?

If you enjoyed Peter De Jersey’s turn as Time Lord Androgar in The Day of the Doctor, you’ll be pleased to know that the actor did as well and is keen to return to Doctor Who!

Speaking in an interview with Flicks in the City, De Jersey had this to say about the 50th:

“It was too exciting and a great honour. I was thrilled with the way it all worked out and working opposite Ken Bones was great.”

He also speculated about a potential future appearance:

“Now that myself and Ken Bones are on Gallifrey and frozen in time I hope very much that someone might unfreeze us one day so we can join forces again.”

A couple other items of note:
- De Jersey is also set to return with David Tennant in Series 2 of Broadchurch.
- He is also “immensely looking forward to Peter Capaldi…he is timeless.”

What say you? Fancy De Jersey’s return? Or is it too soon to bring back Gallifrey and the Time Lords?


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3 Responses to Gallifrey Calling: Is Peter De Jersey Returning To Doctor Who?

  1. avatar Chronomalix says:

    It’s only fair he’s excited to see Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. I would, too if I had the honour of dropping the bombshell line, “No, Sir- ALL THIRTEEN!” and introducing the first glimpse of Twelve in the show

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  3. avatar Howard Railton says:

    Of course it’s all idle speculation until we actually see Capaldi’s performance but…I suspect he’s not just an actor doing a role but also has a fan’s passion and intuition of how to play the part, the rumours emerging suggest they’re going to bring back the mystery and magic. For me, all too often in the re-imagined recent versions of the show, they’ve gone for too much of a blokey womanising, half-baked youthful actor. All the things that just aren’t Dr Who. So I’m hoping Capaldi can largely give us the polar opposite and thereby restore the power of the role and the alien-ness that makes the character special.

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