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Published on April 1st, 2014 | by Drew Boynton

Doctor Who Gets New Four-Legged Friend!

Move over, K-9…there’s a new four-legged companion coming to the TARDIS!

Peter Capaldi’s love of classic Doctor Who has shone through once again, as the actor has convinced the show’s bosses to give his Doctor a new companion similar to that famous “tin dog”.

The new companion will be a cyborg cat, inventively named “Fuzz-E”.  He will make his debut in a New Year’s Special and will be a recurring character in series nine and beyond.

The top-secret special may also see the return of several beloved characters, including K-9.  There are whispers that Tom Baker is being wooed to make an appearance as The Curator (hot off his scene in The Day of the Doctor), possibly finding Fuzz-E timelocked in an ancient Time Lord etching.  If Baker is unable to appear, Ninth Doctor actor Christopher Eccleston—himself the owner of several dozen cats–is almost certain to return.

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Fuzz-E will be portrayed by feline actor Peter Catapaldi, with CGI robotic parts added later.  He will be voiced by a succession of music stars, including George Michael, Miley Cyrus, and “various” members of One Direction, as most of the cat’s dialogue will be sung, due to a “malfunctioning” voice chip.  When asked about the show’s new four-legged companion, big man Steven Moffat had this to say:

“Fuzz-E will go boldly where no cat has, er, ever gone before.  Bold!  Cat!  …Scotland rocks!”

The New Year’s special, tentatively titled “The Night of the Animal Doctor”, is scheduled for broadcast on BBC One and Animal Planet on January 1st.  The rumored story involves Fuzz-E saving the Twelfth Doctor from near disaster as he mistakenly lands the TARDIS on Earth during April Fool’s Day.


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34 Responses to Doctor Who Gets New Four-Legged Friend!

  1. avatar darkjackwolf says:

    Hmm…I notice that it’s April 1st… <__>

  2. avatar Poindexter says:

    Wait, what’s today’s date?

  3. avatar Jordan says:

    April Fools. :/

  4. avatar trekkerboy says:

    april fool!

  5. avatar Jack says:

    Nicely done! The masses will eat this up! April 1st strikes again!

  6. avatar Luke says:

    K-9 is one thing. Please don’t screw up Dr. Who.

    • avatar Matt says:

      k-9 rules, luke droooooools

  7. avatar nate says:

    smells like April fools to me

  8. avatar N.J.H. Bautista says:

    A Cyborg Cat is a step away from a Cyberman- we don’t need a Cybercat on the TARDIS! We already had a Cyberman helmet in the Christmas Special, let’s leave it there.

  9. avatar The Big Johnson says:

    I was excited… and then… I realized…. April 1st, YOU BASTARDS!

    • avatar Gerd Perkins says:

      Why the hell were you excited about this??? This would be an awful idea!

  10. avatar Ali says:

    Don’t know if there’s ever been a DW April Fool’s day special episode… Should be fun if they do one

    • There is.

      It’s called Time-Flight.

  11. avatar DonnaM says:

    Nice try but even to a cat person the story and the publication date say only one thing. Happy April, Kasterborous!

  12. This is April Fool’s, yes?

  13. avatar Gerd Perkins says:

    Really poorly done April fools gag

    • We look forward to seeing yours, Gerd :)

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Well it seems to have fooled some correspondents :)

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      I’d prefer a cruel one which really plays with our expectations and/or hopes and fears. I dunno, something featuring missing episodes perhaps?

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Surely no-one would play such a prank?

  14. avatar Ian Scales says:

    Oh, ha ha ha! My first thought was – what the hell, then when I go to the Peter Catapulti or whatever bit, I smiled when I remembered what day it was.

  15. So disappointed!!! I would love this to be true…bring on the cats!!! They aren’t all malevolent nuns!

  16. avatar Christine says:

    Haha, and the cat is played by Actor Peter Catapaldi! Lovely way to celebrate April the 1st!

  17. avatar Kristin says:

    The whole thing seemed to me a little bit weird, but only after excitment after reading the name of Christopher Eccleston I realised what day is it… and it’s not funny! Oh well okay, it is.

  18. avatar dr jon says:

    What r we having next April fools day ? Metal mickey in the tardis?

  19. avatar Andrew Dorgomire says:

    Next you’ll be telling me the Abzorbaloff is going to become the Doctor’s new companion and Clara’s love interest… O_O THAT SOUNDS HORRIBLE

  20. avatar Gwen says:

    No, no, cat’s name is “Scotty”.

  21. avatar Paddy says:

    That was basically worth it for Peter Catpaldi.

  22. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    Come on..we all know a robot cat in doctor Who would be Kit 10!

  23. avatar Ian says:

    My Cats should be in Dr Who! Will this Cat be called Cat-9? ;)

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  25. avatar drewboynton says:


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  27. April 1st. Yawn.

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