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She’s Not Madame Nostradamus, But Tara Carstensen Is A Witty Little Knitter!

Are you keen to knit your own Tom Baker scarf, but in need of guidance? Chances are that long-term fan Tara Carstensen can help!

Tara is the go-to specialist when it comes to Fourth Doctor scarves and her site includes patterns for every item of woollen neckwear worn in the Tom Baker era, plus a couple of curiosities that never made it on to the screen.

Something of a perfectionist, Tara initially based her designs on photographs and videos but found the results “crude and totally incorrect”. She stuck at it, however, even if British fans haven’t always been brimming with enthusiasm:

In the UK, it has a bit of a negative connotation. People who wear them are often branded as ‘nutters.’ I’ve worn a Who scarf several times in the UK and received a not-so-warm welcome among other Who fans.

As well as every scarf featured in seasons 12 to 18, Tara’s pattern collection also includes the ‘Shada’ scarf from the famously uncompleted 1979 six-parter. If you never knew that Tom’s scarf in that story (‘a very odd duck’ according to Tara) never appeared again, you do now. She can also help you out with a non-canon but tasteful ‘Blue Variant’.

Visit Tara’s Witty Little Knitter site to explore the full range and read her interview (happily, she does concede that UK fans have warmed to her work) at Geek Mom.

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