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Published on March 1st, 2014 | by Rebecca Crockett

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan First Ever Dual Photo-op!

Getting to meet and interact with other fans of your favorite show and getting to meet some of the actors that have stared on that show are the some of the best parts of going to a fan convention. We here at Kasterborous love attending cons and strive to keep all of you, our readers, up-to-date on all of the major appearances of our beloved Doctor Who stars.

The folks at Wizard World Louisville have announced a major appearance of two recent Who stars, one that is a first for both of them.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are both scheduled to attend the Wizard World Louisville Comic Con 28 – 30 March 2014 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, KY. Now both are set to do their first ever dual photo-op!

Fans will be able to have their picture taken together with both Matt and Karen on Saturday morning at the convention.

Both Gillan and Smith are also scheduled to be part of their own separate Q&A sessions on the day the are scheduled to appear at the convention.

More more info on the con, tickets, and to see all of the other great guests attending, head on over to the Wizard World Louisville website!

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Rebecca is new to the Who world, having only recently watched the entire new series in a span of 8 days. She is no stranger to sci-fi though, being a life long Trekkie and has vague memories of seeing the 4th Doctor on US television as a child. When not watching, reading, blogging, or talking about Doctor Who, she is a fan of pop culture and loves movies and books so much she has to keep a list of both so she doesn't forget any of them. She also likes to make attempts at various forms of art including photography and painting. Rebecca is currently working her way through as many classic serials and as many books related to the show that she can find and wishes she could have been with the Doctor and Amy when they met Van Gogh.

6 Responses to Matt Smith and Karen Gillan First Ever Dual Photo-op!

  1. avatar Damian Christie says:

    Well, isn’t that great? Matt and Karen were supposed to be attending four conventions with Arthur Darvill and Mark Shepherd across two weekends in four Australian cities from 1 – 9 March! Due to both work commitments (in Karen’s case) and a family crisis (in Matt’s case), the conventions were cancelled this week! So perhaps Wizard World ought not to get too excited in advance!

    • avatar Paul McGann's Cat says:

      Not bitter at all…

    • Wow, that totally didn’t sound rude at all.

      • avatar Damian Christie says:

        Well, if you’d paid $AUD650 to attend one of these events (fortunately the money will be refunded) and then two of the guests had pulled out at the last minute, I don’t think you’d be too happy either and would also be rude about it!

        • Hey, it’s not Matt’s fault that something went wrong in his family, so have a bit of sympathy for the guy. Plus it’s not Karen’s fault that she had other commitments, take it up with her agent if you’re going to be such a bitter twit about it.

          And yes, i wouldn’t be too happy, but i’d at least have some amount of sympathy for Matt and his family rather than complain about it. Besides, your money’s being refunded, so what the hell are you even complaining about? There’s always the future to look towards, so don’t lose all hope just because of something like this.

          We will see Matt, Karen and Arthur together again one day, and complaining about it isn’t going to do a damn thing.

          Fuckity bye.

  2. avatar Caroline Martin says:

    I am hoping lovely Matty will be be able to attend this one will watch it on youtube later hope everything will work out well for him and wish we knew how to help

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