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Published on January 21st, 2014 | by Philip Bates

Titan Gets Comic License!

It’s been confirmed that Titan Comics has been awarded the license for Doctor Who comics.

The license was previously held by IDW, but concluded with last month’s special issue, The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who, written by Paul Cornell (Father’s  Day; Human Nature/ The Family of Blood).

As rumoured, the BBC has now confirmed that Titan has acquired the license, though it’s uncertain when we’ll see the first issues on stands. Nonetheless, we will see something this year, particularly as Titan Comics has noted that upcoming stories will feature the Tenth, Eleventh and – when Series 8 is broadcasted – Twelfth Doctors.

As publisher of titles like Tank GirlDeath Sentence - described by Popmatters as “like all your favourite episodes of Doctor Who” - Wallace & Gromit, and IT CAME!, Titan may be a smaller publishing company, and creative teams have yet to be announced, but the future certainly looks bright for Doctor Who. In fact, this might just be the start of something really exciting…


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  1. avatar mrjohnm says:

    I was actually upset when IDW lost their license. Here’s hoping Titan does just as good a job as IDW and that their license remains for quite a while.

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