Published on January 26th, 2014 | by Christian Cawley

Is This How The Time Of The Doctor *Should* Have Ended?

The regeneration of Matt Smith into Peter Capaldi in The Time of the Doctor was one of the most memorable Doctor Who moments ever, but could it have been better?

Fan Cam H certainly doesn’t offer his (her?) alternative endings as a replacement, but by integrating “the Capaldi moment” from The Day of the Doctor he certainly makes a strong case. The first alternative is shown above – version 2 is below.


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12 Responses to Is This How The Time Of The Doctor *Should* Have Ended?

  1. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    Clever….but the regeneration into Capaldi is all about the future….this would have been weird in the transmitted episode. It’s good fun though.

  2. avatar Mark Lenton says:

    Yeah, What Time of the Doctor didn’t need was an extra something to make it even more alienating to the non-fan. Good fun but best as it was

    • What non-Fan? One of the X million around the world who watched The Day of the Doctor?

      Those non-fans?


    • avatar Paddy says:

      I don’t think it was as alienating as you think. I think fans tend to underestimate how much a casual viewer can pick up. For instance, I know a chap who watched Time of the Doctor as his first full episode barring the odd clip of Tennant and half the anniversary episode. He is not a sci-fi person, he’s a regular bloke who works on a building site, reads the Star and likes football and reality TV. And he loved the episode, had no trouble following it. I asked him about some of the references to the ongoing arcs and he said that some of them were explained well enough and any little bits he didn’t understand he just accepted as “stuff that had happened before he started watching”. Some casual viewers don’t need as much pandering too as we assume.

  3. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Eh, too much effort to cram that ‘Eyes’ moment in. “Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?’ is much better, looks like we might be dealing with some post-regenerative amnesia again, which we haven’t really had with New Series regenerations yet.

  4. avatar dr jon says:

    I think it could have worked on the night if it was done with new footage intergrated into it,shame moffat didn’t think of it. I personally didn’t like how quick the regeneration was over in a second,the speech from matt smith was great and a good build up but the change over was a bit of a let down. I think they wanted to try something new but I just didnt think it worked as well as it did in the nineth and tenth doctors regenerations.

    • The regeneration isn’t much shorter than some of the classic era episodes. Not all of the regnerations need extremely fancy special VFX explosions. And besides, how I see it, he was actually regenerating the entire time. The bit where he changed was just the last bit.

  5. avatar hyncharas says:

    Though I enjoyed Smith’s “hat-tipping” ceremony at the end of Time of the Doctor, I can’t say I like the constant senile approach after a regeneration that has dominated the new show.

    • avatar TimeChaser says:

      Senile? Define senile? Tennant was unconscious most of the time, Matt was manic and loopy, and we have yet to see how Capaldi is. And if you’ve gone through a massive trauma that rewrites your very being from the DNA up, I’d like to see you just brush it off and swagger away.

    • avatar David F says:

      The Doctor’s just spent hundreds of years in one place, not travelling. Is it possible that, rather than suffering the usual post-change confusion, he’s genuinely forgotten how to operate the TARDIS?

      (And I’m not sure why you level that accusation at the new show, when disorientated new Doctors were a staple of the old show too.)

  6. avatar pdbuniversal says:

    TBH, I part of me wants to say that this would have been a great ending, but in all honesty the ‘kidneys’ ending was the right choice. I’m not sure I would have bought it that the newly regenerated Doc would have had the where-with-all to cope with the biggest operation of his life (so far) this early, and I agree that it would really have only been servicing the fans of the show, not the general audience. On a personal level though, I loved it :-)

  7. avatar jedisenshi says:

    Interesting, though I am still curious how 12 along with Doctors 1-9 knew that they were needed to help save Galifrey as well as the calculations required to been running for hundreds of years.

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