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Published on January 29th, 2014 | by Alex Skerratt

Moffat Congratulates Big Finish For Awards Success

Over the years, Big Finish has done a ‘sound’ job at keeping the Doctor Who legacy alive, and in January 2014, it achieved recognition at the BBC Audio Drama Awards for its Eighth Doctor adventure Dark Eyes.

But Aunty Beeb wasn’t the only person wishing to congratulate the team on their hard work. Script supremo Steven Moffat also came forward to praise Big Finish for its recent success

I am completely thrilled, I am air-punching. In the wilderness years, when Doctor Who was off the air, Big Finish did so much to keep the legend alive in the hearts and minds of the fans. Now, in this time of Who abundance, it is beyond exciting to see their excellent work recognised. Hopefully this award will bring the Big Finish audios to the attention of an even wider public. Recently, on TV, we saw how the Paul McGann Doctor died – now it’s time to find out he lived.

Given the subtle nods to Big Finish in Moffat’s recent The Night of the Doctor minisode, these latest comments may come as no surprise to some fans. Nevertheless, it is heart-rending to see one of Doctor Who’s most prolific and influential writers speaking with such affection for the sometimes ‘humble’ world of audio.

Long may the Big Finish success continue…


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4 Responses to Moffat Congratulates Big Finish For Awards Success

  1. avatar mwruger says:

    They really do excellent work. Wish I could afford more of them.

  2. avatar John Miller says:

    No that we’ve seen the Time War(in Day of the Doctor) and the Eighth Doctor’s regeneration, it wouldn’t hurt to have the early days of the Time War in the Eighth Doctor Audios, where he’s trying to resist getting involved and just being The Doctor. Then again, some would say that things like Time of the Daleks, Lucie Miller/To the Death ARE the beginnings of the Time War.

    • avatar mrjohnm says:

      Yes, as is the Dark Eyes series. Well, at least the first set was; we still need to listen to the other set of Dark Eyes. But I’m willing to bet the Time War is exactly where these audios are heading. Although, this does put to risk the range of 8th Doctor audios, doesn’t it?

  3. avatar mrjohnm says:

    Whenever I’m taking an extended road trip, I listen to an 8th or 4th Doctor Audio Adventure from Big Finish. It’s almost like turning my Honda into a TARDIS! A recent post on this site asked which of the new series episodes need the Target novelization treatment. I feel Big Finish should be allowed to do the same with their stories.

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