Published on December 24th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Steven Moffat Talks The Time of the Doctor [VIDEO]

“The pay-off to all of those things” such as “silence will fall” and the exploding TARDIS in The Pandorica Opens are promised by Steven Moffat in this new interview from the BBC’s official Doctor Who site.

The Time of the Doctor airs in just a few hours now, so if you’re not excited already, perhaps this teaser from the Moff will put you in the mood for Matt Smith’s final hour as the Doctor on BBC One at 7.30pm, Christmas Day…


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3 Responses to Steven Moffat Talks The Time of the Doctor [VIDEO]

  1. avatar Koloth says:

    I blinking hope so. Payoff is so underrated but totally necessary, especially in a long running storyline. Viewers invest so much time, Doctor Who even more so. Its a shame series 5-7 looks like such an unguided pile of mess.

  2. avatar DonnaM says:

    Moffat didn’t let me down with the 50th anniversary. I can trust him to know what he’s doing this time too. After all, could I do better? Probably not!

  3. avatar hyncharas says:

    As I’ve said, no good deed goes unpunished, so I think the Time Lords are behind this…

    I realise The Doctor “saved them” in the last storyline, but we don’t really know to what end and there are just too many coincidences that have happened in the last three series – the TARDIS exploding, River Song’s creation, the Silence possessing TARDISes of their own.

    Whilst there are definitely Dalek and Cybermen elements in there, they can’t be the major forces behind his problems in the universe. And, since saving Gallifrey, he’s violated some of the Laws of Time by doing so.

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