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Published on December 3rd, 2013 | by Jonathan Appleton

Milk to Provide VFX for Doctor Who Series 8

Those technical wizards at Milk Visual Effects have been commissioned to produce effects for the next series of Doctor Who, which starts production in January.

This will continue a long association with the programme for Will Cohen and his team, many of whom have worked on the programme since its 2005 return. When The Mill closed its film and TV arm the staff set up on their own, their first job being creating stereo 3D effects for the fiftieth anniversary episode. No pressure there, then.

Work on the special comprised some 129 different effects, the most challenging being the 3D Time Lord art at The National Gallery. Says VFX Supervisor Murray Barber:

The script defined it as a normal painting, so we had to come up with a concept to make it look 3D. The other issue is that 90 percent of people would see the episode in 2D. So we had to come up with a solution to creating a 3D object that you see in 2D, which is quite a challenging concept.

Should you wish to know more about an area of the production that sometimes gets taken for granted, an in-depth feature can now be read online.

While we’re on the topic, What was your favourite effect from The Day of the Doctor?

(Via Hollywood Reporter | Thanks to Richard.)


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3 Responses to Milk to Provide VFX for Doctor Who Series 8

  1. avatar iLikeTheUDK says:

    The Battle of Arcadia. So convincing, so expansive, so…fantastic.

  2. avatar yorkshirened says:

    either the battle or there was a Zygon transformation scene that looked mind-blowing

  3. avatar Geoff says:

    Agreed, the Zygon scene was really quite unpleasant and it says a lot for the context of the show that they were able to slit something so grotesque and horrific into a TV show at little after 8pm.
    In the last couple of years the effects have been incredible. Looking back to the early Eccleston/Tennant days there is some dodgy stuff (Mickey getting eaten by the bin for example) but I remember at the time not minding too much because it was still all pretty good and in the long tradition of Doctor Who the emphasis remained, and still does on dialogue and character first.
    Having said that The Christmas Invasion effects are far better than Independence Day. Although to be fair they did have Judd Hirsch who hasn’t done a Doctor Who yet…kind of a grumpy New York Jewish version of Wilfred Mott…I reckon that would work.

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