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Published on December 28th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Baldy and Baldy Say Goodbye to Doctor Who

It was indeed a most wig-tastic moment when newly-shorn Karen Gillan turned up on the TARDIS set to bid farewell to Matt Smith, whose natural hairstyle at the time wasn’t all that longer than that of his former co-star.

We refer, of course, to the nicely kept secret return of Gillan as the regenerative hallucinatory ghost of Amy Pond – interestingly, the first time in the revived series that we see a regeneration with some “trippy” aspects.

At least he didn’t call out “ADRIC!”

Says Moffat:

They’re very good wigs but they’re both wigs. Though in Karen’s case that’s her own hair.

That wig is made of her own hair, it’s just detachable now. When they cut her hair they made a wig of her own hair. Doesn’t she look lovely?

So, with wig makers kept in employment for another month, what did you think? While Matt Smith’s 50th anniversary celebratory trailer hairpiece might have looked a bit… well, like a hairpiece, the floppy locks on offer in The Time of the Doctor seemed to fare better. Meanwhile, Karen’s wig looked stunning – or did it?

Tell us!

(Coming next on Kasterborous: Fashion tips!)

(NB: that was a joke.)


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6 Responses to Baldy and Baldy Say Goodbye to Doctor Who

  1. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    And what exactly was wrong with the 5th Doctor calling out ‘Adric!’? He may not be everybody’s favourite companion but it was a nice touch. It showed that the Doctor, having just sacrificed his current incarnation to save someone he barely knew still felt unimaginable guilt over the death of the young boy he failed to save years earlier (as annoying as he may have been to some people at times). Oh, and I still personally consider the regeneration from 5 to 6 to be the best!

    • avatar Ardwen says:

      I felt this regeneration was reminiscent of the 5 to 6 regeneration, for many of those reasons. Plus 12′s face right after regenerating really makes me wonder if he’ll be mean at first, like 6. Perhaps he may choke Clara and turn her over as a spy! :P

  2. avatar Coopergreg says:

    Five to six is definitely the one that still gives me shivers – it’s the most atmospheric with that music and those visuals following four episodes with a sense of doom. Brilliant!

    • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

      Let’s get Graeme Harper back for the next regeneration story! Actually, let’s just get him back full stop!!! It’s been too long! (have you got something against himMoff?)! He is to Doctor Who directors what Robert Holmes is to Doctor Who writers – a legend and a genius!!!

  3. avatar Robert Cyberman says:

    I was so hoping to see Karen and Matt in the Behind The Lens thingy both with bald heads. Could of made a Doctor Who / Coneheads crossover poster :)

  4. ohhhhh he should have done.

    called out ADRIC that is.

    better yet if he’d mistaken dear Karen for Strax.


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