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Published on November 23rd, 2013 | by Jonathan Appleton

US Fans Get Anniversary Savings at Entertainment Earth!

As if there aren’t enough reasons to spend your hard-earned cash in this anniversary year, US online megastore Entertainment Earth has announced big savings on Doctor Who merchandise.

On the big day itself, shoppers can get 34-50% off selected items including:

  • Fourth Doctor and Sontaran Styre Action Figures
  • Cyberleader and The Master Exclusive Action Figures
  • Exclusive Third Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  • Figural TARDIS Mug
  • TARDIS Safe Bank

The deals apply for one day only – November 23rd.

You can pick these deals up all day at Entertainment Earth’s sale website.

There’s certainly been a bumper collection of anniversary merchandise to choose from – what’s been your favourite?


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