Big Finish Tom Baker and Lalla Ward to record Fourth Doctor adventures with Big Finish!

Published on November 18th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Tom Baker and Lalla Ward Reunited at Big Finish!

They say that time heals all wounds…which seems especially true with regards to Tom Baker and Lalla Ward!

The duo, who portrayed the Fourth Doctor and the Second Romana on-screen in the late 1970’s, have agreed with Big Finish to record all new Doctor Who adventures to start from 2015! After so many years of these two staying well out of each other’s way, Big Finish have once pulled the rug out from everyone else’s feet and achieved the impossible. Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs had this to say:

It’s so exciting to be able to tell stories from another era of Doctor Who that we all love, with characters that worked so brilliantly together. The Doctor and the Second Romana had such a lovely dynamic – two equals, out exploring the universe and having fun with the universe. There’s a lovely, unique spirit in their stories.

Starting in 2015 with a very special box set release entitled The Fourth Doctor…by Gareth Roberts, Big Finish will release two audio adaptations, adapted by John Dorney, from the Virgin Missing Adventures range. These titles will include The Romance of Crime and The English Way of Death, two of Roberts’ greatest Doctor Who novels and wonderfully true to the era they are based on. A third adaptation for The Well-Mannered War, the finale in this trilogy of books from the 1990’s, is hoped to be recorded at a later date.

But that’s not all! Although this exciting box set has already been recorded, Big Finish has also announced that Tom and Lalla – with John Leeson as K-9 – have already started recording a new series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures for release in 2016.

Theses eight stories will take the TARDIS crew from 1960s London to Budapest, alien worlds and beyond, also completing a story arc that started a very long time ago.

For further details, visit Big Finish.


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18 Responses to Tom Baker and Lalla Ward Reunited at Big Finish!

  1. Lovely news! Though both Tom and Lalla have put on an image of not liking each other, Lalla at least has often said that she still cares about Tom and that they broke up over schedule, not animosity. I can’t speak for Tom but I’m not at all surprised they agreed to do this. Tom’s clearly having a lot of fun with the BF audios (finally) and has obviously enjoyed working with the late Mary Tamm and the incomparable Louise Jameson (and of course John Leeson).

  2. avatar Al says:

    After the terrific job they did adapting Love and War it’s great to see BF tackling more of the old Virgin novels. Hopefully they’ll do some of the BBC Books ones someday, too. But a two-year wait to hear these?

  3. avatar francis cave says:

    Of course there is nothing at the moment to confirm that they were in the studio at the same place at the same time when they recorded their parts….

  4. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Gareth’s MA novels are some of the best, and when I heard this news I was over the moon. Yeah, we have to wait a year for them (unless they bring it forward in the schedule later on), but after the adaptation of Love & War, I was hoping they would adapt more of the 90s novels.

    Now they just need to adapt more New Adventures as well.

    • avatar Boffin says:

      Agreed on the more NA from Big Finish. Salivating for a Deceit!!!! I am an Abslom Daak tragic though;) Wonder if they ever thought of bringing him into the main show? You could imagine the Time War would have had need for him.

  5. avatar John Miller says:

    Excited about this. But doesn’t anyone check what goes up on the site(read the last sentence with “Theses 8 stories…”)?

    • avatar TimeChaser says:

      Yes, they are recording eight stories for the fifth season of the Fourth Doctor Adventures. This is separate from the Missing Adventures adaptations.

      • avatar John Miller says:

        No, read it…

        ”Theses 8 stories will take the TARDIS crew from 1960s London, Budapest, alien worlds and will also complete a story arc that started a very long time ago.”

        The Doctor himself would not be amused with such poor English!

        • avatar TimeChaser says:

          Yes, they could have said “to Budapest and alien worlds.”

        • At the top right, top centre and bottom centre of this page are links where you can send us an email.

          You are more than welcome to drop us a line and point out grammatical and factual errors.

          Given that Mez gives his time freely to contribute articles, I don’t think it’s particularly polite to call any errors in the comments.

          Damn rude if you ask me.

          (And when did the Doctor become a grammar Nazi?)

          • avatar John Miller says:

            Wow. Thanks for deleting my earlier post responding to this!

            The First and Sixth Doctors(at the very least) were “grammar Nazis” as you state. As an example, in The Ark The Doctor actually stops to call out Dodo on her poor English.

          • Listen, it’s very simple: you’ve been given content to read for free. You criticise it in a public forum, and then continue to be pathetically pedantic about it. Why?

            I’m sorry, but this sort of behaviour is not welcome here. No one is asking for thanks or worship; just that you post respectfully and drop us a line when you spot something awry.

            If you can’t do this then we’d all appreciate it if you posted elsewhere.

          • avatar John Miller says:

            Well, I was originally trying to help. There was a major “What is that supposed to even mean?” sentence. So I pointed it out here. I figured that would be quicker and easier for everyone than posting to someone. TimeChaser appeared to misunderstand, so I pointed it out again. End of story. I figured someone could correct it, all nice and well. End of story. As others have also pointed out factual or grammatical errors on this tie for ages They’ve been corrected, and everyone is friendly about it. Including your own articles. This is the first time you(or anyone else) has made an issue out of someone trying to help correct typos in an article. And it was certainly not necessary to say it was “Damn rude”. All that was required was to say “It would be better to e-mail the author, rather than posting here”(although you yourself have never objected to it before).

            Lastly, the whole “grammar Nazi” thing. We’re getting into Godwin’s Law territory here. but that was actually about the Doctor himself. And while it may have been meant to be rhetorical, it was certainly a strange thing to say that the Doctor has never been a stickler for proper English!

            Essentially the article contained some weird sentences. I thought by simply saying “What is x supposed to mean?”
            someone could correct it. End of story.

          • John, I’ve objected to it on plenty of occasions; I’m certainly not singling you out.

    • Eight stories. Three by Gareth Roberts, a further five later on.

      • avatar TimeChaser says:

        No, I think its eight stories in the Fourth Doctor Adventures season. The first was six, the second was seven, and then seasons three, four and five will all be eight stories.

  6. avatar Howard Railton says:

    I hope they don’t blight this fondly remembered childhood era with too much modern-day salacious drivel.

  7. avatar lynn oliver says:

    I am so glad to hear this. Having seen and keenly felt the many wonderful characters from the Dr. Who series, I came to love them all. I can only imagine the great stress of having to carry out all that work in such short spans and to, at the same time, give it their all. I felt all the love, compassion, feeling, and care they could only have brought forth from their heart. I so hope time has shown them how really good they all were but were just victims of the heavy work load for the show itself at that time. May they show everyone the correct path to true happiness using their enhanced inner-security and humor to help us all with all the love they exhibited on those shows. I do hope there will be place also for Elizabeth. i miss her also.

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