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Published on November 28th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

The Time of the Doctor – Spoilers Are Out There

This week The Sun newspaper trawled Gallifrey Base for clues about the Doctor Who Christmas special – the final episode with Matt Smith starring as the Doctor – and printed a whole host of genuine-looking spoilers.

We’re not talking about the confession of an actor here, but a full, detailed synopsis of what is about to unfold in the episode. Published on Gallifrey Base before episode artwork was released this week, it nevertheless ties in with the characters and imagery on display.

So, what’s the situation?

Put simply, we believe that the published synopsis is very close – if not identical – to what is likely to occur in The Time of the Doctor. The rumours as originally posted have an air of authenticity about them, and are too convincing to dismiss.

As such, we’re going to issue our spoiler warning early this year. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Don’t entertain spoilers and don’t click THAT!


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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

36 Responses to The Time of the Doctor – Spoilers Are Out There

  1. avatar ezeggs says:

    Don’t click what exactly? There’s no link to anything.

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      I thought that was the point? Warning against spoilers then putting a link directly to them… that’d be defeating the object.

      For what it’s worth – anyone putting “Doctor Who Christmas 2013″ into Google wouldn’t need a link from here. I tried out of curiosity and there’s dozens!

    • avatar thewind says:

      don’t click. don’t even click. click and you’re dead. the spoilers are fast, faster than you could believe. don’t reload the page, don’t look away, and *don’t click*! good luck.

      • a fat and chubby baby.

  2. avatar vortexter says:

    To be fair, anyone with an ounce of sense can look at a few pictures and work out a rough storyline without the need of spoilers these days. Take ‘The Day of the Doctor’: Paintings are involved along with Elizabeth the 1st and the tenth Doctor. The Eleventh’s Tardis is winched on an airplane with UNIT involved and Zygons. There’s a new Doctor ‘Hurt’ who is responsible for the timewar and the Daleks are on Gallifrey. This was my understanding of the anniversary episode just from clips and pictures and there wasn’t much more to shock.
    The synopsis that has leaked is just a well informed guess. The ride as it were, will still be enjoyable just as much as if we were going in blind. And the synopsis doesnt mention the one thing that we know will happen (which was shown in pictures on this forum) which proves the people who put the various parts of the puzzle together forgot to include it!
    No leaked script, just sloppy journalism and a few correct guesses!
    Like the anniversary tale, we will still enjoy it and be enthralled!

    • exactly. there are tons of win for theories here. Like mine for instance.

      Moffat’s ultimate plan concerning (surrounding?) his reference to Edward Munch’s The Scream in his creation of the Silence=

      (Paintings / Doctors) * (Silence + Ood) – Eleven (Regeneration Limit + Captain Ahab + Peg Leg Jesus Doctor) + Capaldimon

      done and done.

      ;)XMAS dinner will be excellent, what with the fantastic Roast Smith and Buttered Capaldi with Yams.

      • avatar Lari says:

        Nothing about holiday hams?

        • I’ll amend
          just for you
          a right holly-ringed clue
          if the twelfth is
          then the Doctor is
          a pork chop of a man,
          his eyes waggle;
          a tongue!
          such a porker is he
          with his rhymes
          and his young
          like gravy he’ll slide
          down the back of
          your throat
          and he’ll blow you all up
          if you happen to gloat
          with a kick and a glee
          and a certain panache
          he’s a ham trussed a fane
          in such classic attire
          mere pineapple and cane
          just in time
          might we add
          for the holiday train
          santa claus dies at xmas
          by bringing the rain

          ;) was that good enough for you?

          ;) merry xmas fellow whovian!

        • merry christmas, dear ;)

  3. avatar GallifreyanFallenAngel says:

    The Sun has set to a new low.

  4. avatar Spider-pope says:

    Well if it’s The Sun printing the spoilers there is no chance i’ll read them. I’m from Liverpool, we don’t buy The Sun here after what they printed about Hillsborough.

  5. avatar nwlhs says:

    Why can’t people just wait for the episode to be aired? I don’t understand this need to know in advance, what ever happened to suspense and surprises?

    • avatar Spider-pope says:

      Human nature. Some people like to sneak a look at their presents under the tree before Christmas day. Others can wait. I’m definitely in the former camp, which makes resisting the temptation to look for spoilers very difficult.

      • avatar DonnaM says:

        I’m the kind of person who checks the last page of a book before reading it….

        I’m exaggerating, but not by much. What can I say? Some people like surprises, but I generally prefer to know what’s coming.

        I have resisted the temptation to open the spoilers on Google, but partly because they emanate from a rag that’s not fit to wrap fish and chips in. I’m a Liverpool girl, and Spider-pope, you’ve already summarised why I despise that publication!

        • avatar Capaldikicksass. says:

          Justice for the 96! we couldve done with the Doctor’s help then!

  6. avatar simon magellan says:

    These aren’t really spoilers, from what I’ve read elsewhere – some of them are obvious from the poster and/or the trailer – and others are speculation based on things like Moffat saying he would tie up loose ends in the special. The big spoiler I would be very surprised if it happened in the special. None of these are anything like Tom Baker telling everyone he was going to be in the Day of the Doctor and ruining the surprise!

  7. avatar Paddy says:

    I normally don’t mind spoilers, up to a point. I haven’t read the ones in question, but the fact we have people like Mark Gatiss and Sue Virtue posting messages warning people about it seems to indicate whatever these are, they’re accurate – and if it essentially gives away the entire plot that’s far more information than I want to know in advance.

  8. avatar A.B says:

    There is no way regeneration is at its limit, if you watched on day of the doctor,Davies said he hopes there will be 50 more years and more of DW and will try to reach it, now how can that occur if only 1 regenation is left? Certainly Capaldi isn’t young enough to pul it off, he, in my eyes, is already too old and will push away the younger viewers who were just starting to like modern who! Old men isn’t cool! Reason Tennant stayed for so long and why Smith brought in millions of new fans. Maybe next regeneration!

    • “old men isn’t cool”

      Go Google Bryan Ferry. Then grow up.

      • avatar DonnaM says:

        Clearly one of your younger readers, Christian! Grammar and attitude says – what, mid-twenties, tops?

        Some of us are thoroughly looking forward to seeing a Doctor rather different to David and Matt! And I know several people (“old men and women” no doubt) who are going to give New Who a second chance once Capaldi’s in place.

        • heheheh. ah, youth. i wish the messages system was better, btw… but all itgives us is fifty billion replies to everyone else’s stuff as well as our own. ;(

      • haha. merry christmas, boss man. I hope the youth of today realize that we need skills like critical thinking in context soon, otherwise they’re gonna kill all our favorite shows becuase they don’t get it. I shall cry.

        happy holidays everyone.

      • avatar BOJAY says:

        I have always had the suspicion that Bryan Ferry is in fact, a Time Lord. He just hasn’t regenerated yet, and appears to be living a normal life cycle. When he does regenerate he will have to assume a new identity and begin a new life. But at least we’ll get to keep all that awesome music.

  9. avatar A.B says:

    I genuinely laughed at your whole article in favor of muah! I am 36 years old and thoroughly “get” Doctor Who that is why I watch it and do not think it’s silly or stupid, those who do not get it think it’s dumb and plungers on robots are not cool, but I get it. I love it actually with many Doctor Who memorabilia and watched darn near every show, sometimes more than twice! So, as in assuming that I am a teeny bopper who “doesn’t get it” it is actually the opposite. The same way you felt when John Hurt’s face popped up on the screen as The New Doctor… That WHAT??? Nooo this dude is old, yes, that feeling You know you did. Is the same feeling most people MY age will be feeling. Or did you forget Doctor Who was off the air for several years and think it became unpopular due to the young hip cast? Because that NEVER HAPPENS!! A older doctor will mean older woman because a 50 year old dude with Rose Tyler type companions is disgusting, and older chicks AREN’T COOL EITHER. And you won’t have Amy Pond & Rory with that dynamic with wonder and suspense if Amy slept with the Doctor. Well, unless your nasty. Do not take it from me, I assure you won’t but I WILL screenshot this page for in two years a regeneration will occur to a much newer doctor because like I said OLD GUYS AIN’T COOL!! Is Capaldi a excellent actor YES! Not saying that, I am saying, it WILL NOT APPEAL TO THE SAME GROUP AS Matt, David and Eccleston. the reason for its CURRENT success. The modern Who is a success because of the age of these three. What age group do you see lining up at comic con last 9 years?? 50? Yeah,maybe 3. The octor has wisdom at any age through regeneration, why be old? He won’t last, mark my words. Well, not if DW wants to remain for the next 50.

    • Hey, I’m 37.

      John Hurt “this dude old”?!

      No, more like:


      That’s what happened at K Towers, A.B.

      Oh, and because it is worth repeating: Bryan Ferry.

      • one word clears this up though, doesn’t it Mister Christian? (I’m with ya man)


        that one word ALONe is why Hurt brings it.

        John Hurt is the MAN.

  10. avatar TonyS says:

    Is 36 still considered young then? :p

  11. avatar Bob James says:

    This A.B is someone you need to hire post haste, Christian, as her wisdom and insight could very well bring Kasterborous up to snuff and Doctor Who into its next half century. If you don’t act now, the BBC will certainly snatch her up. She’s got it all figured out. No need for anymore discussion, as this is rather like the Secrets of the Universe on three by five index cards. It’s obvious that she can’t have made it to 36 (ancient!), without, like, having wisdom, and, like, still having her finger on the pulse of well, everything that matters. And you can screenshot that!

    • lol. i’m 30, and have asperger’s, which generally gives you a ten year mental age delay… but even I see the folly in this statement. OLD GUYS AIN’T COOL. really? who told you that? the sippy cup? it was the sippy cup wasn;t it? you poor glittering innocent darling, A.B. we love you dear.

      thusly, in closing, i posit this, which may make it easier to assimilate:

      If old guys ain’t cool, then… neither is the Doctor. Savvy? LOL merry christmas girl.

    • also, good one Bob.

  12. avatar Murbella says:

    It has to be a joke. They tease us with two handsome young Doctors and they drop this old fart on us? When was the Doctor ever that old?

    • avatar TonyS says:

      He’s 1300 years old for goodness sake!

    • Oh dear.

      Shut the door behind you :)

      • hear, hear! kids these days! hee hee. good call Tony. The best way to still a troll is to starve it till the sun comes up. ;)

  13. avatar TonyS says:

    I had hoped we had left this behind us :(

  14. avatar TonyS says:

    There is, of course, the possibility that Murbella’s comment is a joke- intended to provoke just these comments.

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