Published on November 20th, 2013 | by Jonathan Appleton

The Night of the Doctor: Reaction

In the aftermath of last week’s minisode Paul McGann has revealed the secrecy involved in the shoot, said he’d be prepared to return to the role on-screen and urged fans to donate their hair for his wigs!

Whilst keeping schtum was not a problem (‘I’m the most secretive person…’) Paul says he was a touch disappointed at the way news apparently started to leak out last week, necessitating the release of the prologue to be brought forward.

He was more than happy, however, that the Big Finish adventures of his incarnation have been endorsed with his audio companions referenced as the Eighth Doctor said his goodbyes. Two and a quarter million views on YouTube alone tend to agree with this.

Elsewhere in an often amusing interview, Paul jokingly describes Colin Baker (sitting alongside him at a signing event) as ‘bitter’ at now being the only surviving Doctor not to have filmed a regeneration scene, and said fans could donate their hair to make his Doctor’slong locks!

Finally, if you’re feeling a twinge of disappointment that The Night of the Doctor means we can’t see Paul’s Doctor again, join those who have signed a petition urging Moffat to bring him back!

What do you think? A fitting end for the McGann Doctor? Or are you itching to see more?



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2 Responses to The Night of the Doctor: Reaction

  1. avatar stlshawn says:

    I have said for some time,,,, McGann became my Doc before the new series, and he still is quite possibly my favorite because of the audios. His work with Big Finish is amazing. REally amazing stuff.

    I would love to see McG in NuWho, but I just don’t see the somewhat austere BBC putting even 10% of a typical NuWho budget to a McG spin off. Although,,,,,, it would be FANTASTIC to give McG more screen time.

  2. avatar nwlhs says:

    agree..would love to see him as the Doctor on screen again..

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