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Published on October 31st, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Moffat Doesn’t “Get” Doctor Who Fans’ Comic Con Trailer Woes

The last thing Doctor Who needed in its 50th anniversary year was division. Thanks to the reduced episode count and the infamous San Diego Comic Con exclusive trailer for The Day of the Doctor, however, division is what we’ve had.

While the rediscovery of The Enemy of the World and most of The Web of Fear has helped to placate some frustrations (along with the perpetually awesome BBC trailer for Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary) the SDCC affair – nay, debacle – has continued to bubble under the surface, along with disappointment that Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston won’t be appearing in The Day of the Doctor (not that we’d actually know at this point…)

So, surely Steven Moffat has some wise words of empathy for disappointed fans? Well, to be honest he’s largely been silent about these things, other than cryptically clueing us to keep the guesses coming until November 23d. For this, he is greatly respected; The Moff is doing his job in keeping us talking about the show.

However, a new interview in Broadcast magazine – out Friday, industry types – reveals that perhaps Steven Moffat doesn’t get it.

Comic Con has a history of screening exclusive material. I understand if people are feeling eager – but don’t you think it would have been a little bit early for everyone to see it? We were creating a buzz about it among the people who’d slept out all night for it.

This is going to get out, so let’s consider how fans dying to see the trailer are going to take these words.

Moffat considers SDCC “a little bit early,” but how many times have trailers for Christmas episodes aired at the end of a run, or coming series at the end of Christmas episodes during the RTD and early Moffat era?

The view from K Towers is that the now not-so grand Moff is making a rod for his own back in trying to justify the SDCC screening. With further analysis (and we’re Doctor Who fans – it’s what we do, right?!), it gets worse.

Take “the people who’d slept our all night for it.” Does a Doctor Who fan, writer and showrunner really intend to say to you Kasterborite, dear Doctor Who fan, new and old, that the trailer was not for you unless you were one of an extremely select bunch of fans. An elite, if you will.

Surely not?! Surely over his youthful and adult years, Steven Moffat has experienced the same dismissal of his fandom as many other fans, has seen unpleasant cliques and groups develop and attempt to hijack the show’s fallow period as their own little kingdoms.

An elite?

What would the Doctor say? What would Davros say?

If you were a fan particularly unhappy about the SDCC trailer, expected the lack of Paul McGann and other classic Doctors in the 50th anniversary, how might you feel about a statement that seems to say “Deal with it, Whovian. It’s not your trailer - it’s someone else’s.”

Now, this isn’t our opinion. We’re extremely happy that Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary trailer was used to create a buzz; we’re delighted that a small group of people – many of which weren’t even hardcore fans (due to the location, career of many attendees and the amount of time it takes to enthuse passionately about multiple shows) – were able to see something that the rest of us weren’t.

But I’m pretty certain a lot of fans aren’t too pleased, and that these new comments by Steven Moffat are going to be taken very badly in some circles.

Doctor Who has long had a culture of the people in charge being forthcoming in their relationship with the fans, going back to the John Nathan-Turner era, and to some extent beyond. Perhaps it’s time to bring this to an end, in the name of peace and sanity of fans and showrunner alike?

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50 Responses to Moffat Doesn’t “Get” Doctor Who Fans’ Comic Con Trailer Woes

  1. avatar DakaHoo says:

    I feel like this is being blown out of proportion.
    I’m an American and just as angry that the people at sdcc got to see the trailer, but the shows already got so much going for it this year. Honestly, name one other show with this much going on for ANY anniversary.

    • avatar tetzauh says:

      Blown out of proportion is right. If a dozen people who own a blog/write for a column are mad at Moffat for whatver, suddley millons of fans are asking for his head on a stake? come on. He’s done an awesome job at having people talk about the show.

  2. avatar Keith Andrews says:

    There are more important things in life to get uptight about.

  3. avatar JDuffJohn says:

    Sure, I’m upset that Moffat chose not to give everyone the trailer. Yes, it seems wrong for him to essentially give special status to those who “slept out all night for it.” However, the division that truly saddens me is the anger that has come from the UK to the US over this. I have been outright attacked on forums and comment threads by bitter-UK fans who said that I have no right to be upset because America got the trailer. These people tell me that Doctor Who is their show, and I and my fellow US-Whovians are more or less fake fans who deserve nothing Doctor Who-related. Moffat didn’t give America special treatment, he gave a handful of fans at San Diego special treatment. I was 3000 miles away at the time. I received no more special treatment than the UK fans did. Yet I have been treated like a villain by some. The funny thing is that while it is a British show, the Doctor isn’t British. He’s an alien. And the actor isn’t always British either. I may not pay a licensing fee, but in order to get BBC America, I have to pay for the highest-tier package from my cable company. Doctor Who is no longer just a British show anymore, it’s a fandom that spans the globe. I am an American-Whovian; there is nothing wrong with that. I have not gotten special treatment. So if you want someone to be angry with, be angry with Moffat. Don’t tear down other fans.

    • avatar calliarcale says:

      While I mostly agree, I have to nitpick on “the actor isn’t always British”. So far, every one of them has been, so there is really no basis for this claim. Remember, Scottish people are British too. Perhaps you meant “English”?

      • avatar Josiah Rowe says:

        Well, I suppose that you could make an argument that Richard E Grant isn’t British (born in Swaziland), and he was sort-of-kind-of the Doctor, twice…

        • avatar calliarcale says:

          Fair enough, but neither of those are canon, after all. ;-)

  4. I do not see the issue here….seems more like the writer here wants to complain that he did not get to see something that 99.99999999999% of us have not.

  5. The Dr. would not approve of this article.

  6. avatar Suzzie says:

    No matter what he would have done people would have gotten upset. For instance if they showed it at a comic con in London people would still be pissed. Honestly get over it. I don’t understand why trailers are so important in the first place. I like the element of surprise. I wont be watching the trailer. I want EVERYTHING to be a surprise for me.

    • avatar Matty says:

      It’s not the showing of the trailer that’s got fans upset. If they showed the trailer at any Con then released it a few hours or days later, then that would be fine. It’s the fact that only a small group of Whovians got to see it and then were threatened that if they so much as shared what went on in the trailer, then there would never be a Who trailer at Comic-Con again. Maybe you don’t value trailers much, but other people do; it’s about perspective.

  7. avatar Melody says:

    I’m with Moffat. I camped out all night. For that we got a minute of footage. I really enjoyed seeing that but I was actually there for the chance to see Matt Smith before he leaves the role. If you watch the interview on Youtube, I was the one who asked Moffat about the Cartmel Masterplan. Does that sound like a casual fan to you?
    And yes, we WERE hardcore. You don’t bloody sleep out in the cold if you aren’t. In any case you will get to see more than we saw in less than a month.

  8. avatar Matty says:

    He doesn’t understand how some fans who could afford to be there saw something that all fans deserve to see? And he doesn’t understand how fans are upset because he has made various threats to those who have seen it, to not tell anyone about it? That’s logic for you. I agree that it isn’t really something to be majorly upset about, but to divide fans like that, i.e. give only a small privileged group something so many fans would love, then threaten them about simply sharing it… is just beyond me. Another one of the reasons I can’t stand Moffat.

    • avatar BOJAY says:

      He doesn’t know you, but if he did, he’d probably like you.

  9. avatar LD says:

    How might I feel about a statement that seems to say “Deal with it, Whovian…? I think I’d shrug my shoulders and just, well…. deal with it. I agree with the commenters above. It’s a trailer. I haven’t seen it. I haven’t spent one minute worrying about it. If I don’t ever see it, I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ll watch the episode.

    • avatar Jim McLean says:

      I think there’s an irrational sentiment here that suggests because an editorial analyses a statement, a context and a perspective, that the writer is constantly fixated with this issue, and so are all Doctor Who fans.

      Christian never talks about this issue, it doesn’t bug him. It doesn’t bug me either. I have no interest in a trailer, I like surprises, that said, I can see a very clear argument as to why releasing the singular trailer to a select few who were in the right place at the right time, might seem somewhat odd – the fact the showrunner doesn’t, is curious, and worth comment, which is what editorials do.

      If you don’t agree, that’s cool. If you think Moffat’s argument is fair, that’s cool too, but I think the comments here are far too full of the suggestion that to comment on this issue shows a) you spend your time worrying about it, b) that you should get a life, c) don’t see how great Mr Moff is. That’s not true in any case whatsoever here. I’ve talked about this rationale of Moffat’s more than Christian and I don’t want to see a trailer – the choice of tact is interesting.

      As for the “this is a whiny issue for staff, it isn’t – I know a fair few Doctor Who fans and most have found the trailer being withheld for San Diego – or the lack of trailer – a little annoying, and that’s not to suggest that the issue takes up every waking hour of their life either.

      Sorry LD, your post sparked me off, but 90% of this is general, not aimed at your remark. “Deal with it, Whovian”, is the only bit I contest, rest, is cool. :)

      • avatar LD says:

        ‘Deal with it’ was not my comment. It was a question asked in the article – “How might you feel if told to ‘Deal with it?’” From the responses here, it seems that most of the people are dealing with it just fine and are not obsessed with the trailer. A few seem a bit fixated and possessive about it. I suspect they’d be much happier if they could ‘just deal with it,’ so in that sense, I guess I will accept the remark as mine, too!

        • avatar Jim McLean says:

          A re-read and I humbly stand corrected on that point! My concern was to clarify that my diatribe was a response to the general mood than your comment, I can now say 100% not your comment, in fact.

  10. First of all, Moffat is a troll and he will ever be. Get over it. Seriously..who cares about trailers. I love talking about the coming episodes with my kids..what will come, what will happen? Damn who needs spoilers :D Moffat and co love their fans and we love them exactly how they are. If Moffi shows too much care, he must be sick lol. By the way ..if he starts to worry about every fan not to make him upset..he can stop writing. Too much thinking.. will end in burn out :P

  11. avatar BOJAY says:

    At last a parade of sanity in the Kasterborous comments. Anyone who lets the SDCC trailer screening in any way ruin their celebration of this 50th anniversary is doing a disservice only to themselves. Doctor Who is being promoted in several different markets worldwide now, and the BBC are free to decide what strategy to employ in accomplishing that. We have only really had one “lemon” of an issue this year, in my opinion, and that’s Eccleston snobbing out of participation in the anniversary special. That too is over and done. A half a century to celebrate, and there sure has been a lot of whining and complaining (on my own part as well, i.e. the Eccleston snub) in the Who fandom circles. Time to put complaints of reduced episode counts, pointless, absurd debates about forcing a gender reassignment upon the Doctor, a lack of an “everyone in the pool” casting quota for the special, and SDCC exclusives away. Let us just get on with appreciating what we are being given, and celebrating our favorite show. We only get to do 50 once.

  12. avatar sarah marshall says:

    I think this whole anniversary year publicity opportunities have been botched. Everything that should have been golden went wrong, usually due to miscommunication. If something didn’t go as well as hoped then you could almost guarantee that it was going to be made worse by the response from either the BBC, producers, or Moffat. Whether this was the length of the 7th season, the spliting of the season, the goodbye of River (which sucked by the way, as did the goodbye for the rest of the Ponds), the leaking of the identiy of the Hurt Doctor, Matt leaving, Capalidi coming in, the SDCC trailer, the absence/presence of past doctors in the 50th, the lost episodes…etc. So much has happened this year in the world of Doctor Who that has been both wonderful and heartbreaking (ie.David Tennant returning and Matt Smith leaving), but as a fan I feel a bit let down as to how it all has been handled by those in charge, particularly Moffat. Now, I am a fan of Moffat, at least usually, but lately he seems a bit cocky. More so than usual. Maybe its just me, but I am not sure that the 50th is the time to tell the fans to “go bugger off and deal with it.” We do basically pay his bills right that should be something he keeps in mind. I don’t maybe its just me.

    • avatar BOJAY says:

      I do agree, with you, sarah marshall, regarding the general BBC PR ineptness. I almost take that for granted, going all the way back to leaking the news of Christopher Eccleston’s departure. I also don’t buy RTD’s assertion that this was because the BBC “has to be honest” if asked anything that might lead to a spoiler. Whether it’s something like that, the sluggishness in announcing when a series has been commissioned, or the running time on a special episode, I wish they would just answer the question, even if that answer is “We don’t know, yet”. I take this PR ineptness as par for the course, and I’m certainly not going to let it ruin my enjoyment of Doctor Who. And again, as I’ve asked others, if you think something “sucked” (and let us be frank, just because you think it did, probably means it didn’t), why are you still watching? With so much about Doctor Who in general having apparently “sucked” in this past year or two, you and several others who feel that way must be part masochist to keep watching. What is it with some people? Or is it that some people just have some sort of need to have a go at something? Why the apparent need to insult someone else’s hard work to express one’s opinion? Not so much immature, as just hostile. Lots of Whovians seem to need to grow up and stop equating things that didn’t suit their tastes with something being objectively bad, or perhaps obtain some sort of mental health counseling.

    • avatar BOJAY says:

      “We do basically pay his bills right that should be something he keeps in mind.”. That one just sank in, kind of a delayed register. So now, sarah marshall, you own him and he answers to you? What, like you’re ordering a pizza, and he better get it right, hot, fast, and fresh to your door?

      • Sir/Madame…she is quite correct in her assertion that we do in fact pay the man’s bills. The reason that mediocrity has become so incredibly rampant in our society up to and including Doctor Who of late is that the folks in Customer Service, Product Development, Writers…the list is endless forget that the CONSUMER is the schlep that pays their bills. You may extrapolate whatever you choose by that but it is simple truth. Without the CONSUMER there would be no moola to pay the bills.

        • avatar BOJAY says:

          And what, for an extra $50 he should throw in a rimjob? Maybe some other anal action? Moffat and his team are hookers now, and viewers are the johns? Moffat and the people who create Doctor Who are brought in and paid to do so because they are good and capable at it, and the BBC is confident of this, and so they keep them in employ. They are not on demand prostitutes, offering you or anyone a menu to choose from. They aren’t being paid to paint your house. The CONSUMER is no schlep, and appreciates imaginative well made television when they see it, and currently Doctor Who enjoys a healthy worldwide viewer base. Some are “hardcore” fans, and some more casual viewers, but they are returning in enough volume, along with new viewers, that the show continues on. This isn’t customer service at the local Tesco we’re talking about here, Moffat is not selling anyone pizza or socks, with the promise of a prompt checkout, and an open return policy. That really has to be the rub here, not that some people don’t care for how Doctor Who is currently made, but that people who haven’t a real clue about anything won’t shut their gobs.The shallow CONSUMER, Sir/Madame, probably sounds more like you and sarah marshall, and perhaps someday there will be the equivalent of a fast food window in television that suits you where you can go and place your order. Godspeed, go find it.

          • avatar Jim McLean says:

            I don’t think Moffat “owes” BBC consumers due to the license fee, but I think he was very indulgent to parade a major trailer for a major event that celebrates the BBC’s legacy and a great show, to a comic event. I think there are very few arguments that justify a major trailer to a major event at a convention than releasing it worldwide. If its good enough to one set of fans, logic dictates its good enough for all.
            I suspect the issue here is SDCC has become a Woodstock to entertainment media, and which creators are given that attention and merit like nowhere else. Human nature wants to reward that interest and love, and I suspect like a rockstar the trailer was given to SDCC, because I don’t see any real benefit release snippets exclusively to one set of fans benefits the show. If someone can give me some ideas how it does, tell me lol. If it doesn’t benefit the show, one asks who does it benefit – and that’s where we come back to the question if its good enough for one set of fans, why not all?
            And that’s the nub of this editorial – it’s not about saying that Moffat has destroyed the show/will be boycotted/has ruined the 50th – it’s a hypothetical question based on choices made. People are saying no one cares about the trailer – don’t hear that from those who were fortunate to be there, they loved seeing the trailer – so why is it so wrong for other fans to say “hey, I’d liked to have seen the trailer, there was a trailer, we’re all fans – let’s all get the choice in seeing it?” I think its a legitimate hypothetical and Moffat’s remarks are surprising given that’s not an unfair query – it hardly suggests boycotts/ruined 50th. It’s a simple question, no more.

          • avatar Bob James says:

            I can agree with you as far as SDCC is concerned. It is viewed as the “mecca” as far a ComicCons go. Creation Entertainment, who stages the ComicCons, simply doesn’t put the effort into any other event that they do for SDCC. This is not an issue solely restricted to Doctor Who. If there’s a slight, it’s well across the board. SDCC gets the cast of Marvel’s The Avengers. Chicago, where I am, gets Lou Ferrigno (television’s Hulk from the seventies). It’s like the A-List goes to San Diego and everywhere else gets the B-List. SDCC got the cast of Being Human UK, two years running; No other stateside ComicCon did. Not that there aren’t plenty of other guests present elsewhere that people want to see, but even stateside, the other events get short shrift. If only the good folks in San Diego went to see The Avengers in the states, it wouldn’t be quite the smash hit it became, would it? The BBC and Moffat seem to be focused on a specific strategy for Doctor Who in the US, and I think that the trailer being exclusive to SDCC was a way they saw as stoking the stateside interest. I don’t think there was any intent on their part to shortchange the UK; They may actually be simply remiss in the assumption that fans in the UK don’t need the concerted “sell” that viewers and potential viewers in other markets do. Fair? Probably not. Unfortunately the way it simply is? Yes.

  13. Let’s be honest, the BBC probably lost the SDCC trailer, like they have lost or screwed up everything else. I for one am more interested in seeing the special and hope it is worthy of 50 extraordinary years of DOCTOR WHO.

  14. avatar Ian Gettings says:

    Actually, I am one of those fans who thought it was a bad idea to show an exclusive clip to a small group – I hate the idea of elitism and I don’t like the idea of things being availalbe to exclusive groups who have the right kind of money. I like my BBC to be available to all, regardless of income and privilege with the proviso that those who pay the licence fee for that service should at the very least get what is available to others in the same way. I am writing to the Daily Mail, as I speak.

  15. avatar Terrorlentil says:

    “Now this isn’t our opinion…but I’m pretty sure fans won’t be too pleased.” Oh dear. It’s as if someone’s been mainlining the Daily Mail.
    Seriously, are people actually angry about not seeing a trailer? Actually, pulse quickeningly, vein throbbingly angry? Now this isn’t my opinion you understand, but some might say that, in a year when there’s so much to enjoy and celebrate, that’s a bit pathetic.

  16. Quote: “Moffat considers SDCC “a little bit early,” but how many times have trailers for Christmas episodes aired at the end of a run, or coming series at the end of Christmas episodes during the RTD and early Moffat era?”

    honetsly? I dont remember a single time!
    After The Eleventh Hour, a Season Trailer showed up but… i think thats it! What the hell are you talking about.

    • I think the author is referring to the teasers that appear as part of the credits at the end of some season finales and christmas specials. (For example, a few shots of Cybermen etc appeared at the end of “The End of Time” as a glimpse of “The Next Doctor”).
      But I don’t think this compares at all with an actual released trailer, which have always been very close to the air date for the series/special.While most fans would love to see a trailer as early as possible, there are many reasons that the BBC can’t/won’t do that, and regardless of his personal opinion, Moffat has to take the company line.
      He recently mentioned that the BBC haven’t shown a full trailer yet because they have other big shows airing in the weeks ahead of the Anniversary which need to be aired first – the whole BBC infrastructure doesn’t stop just for Who.

      When it comes down to it, the SDCC trailer was created for a specific event, for people who were able to attend an international convention (of which I was not one), and was kept private for them quite rightly. The only thing I’m a little bit disappointed about is that they didn’t do the same for London Comic-Con (which I also didn’t attend, btw).

      We’ve gotten teasers, we’ll get trailers, and Moffat has done a fantastic job of keeping us guessing, which is exactly what we want. When I sit down in my local Vue cinema, pop on my 3D glasses and watch as the lights dim on Nov 23rd, I want to feel that shiver run down my spine in anticipation and excitement. And that’s exactly what I’m going to get :)

  17. avatar Chris says:

    I think just the modern era guys are fine. Time has changed the classic Doctors too much for the modern show. We have the landmark “Light At The End” to be happy with.

  18. avatar DonnaM says:

    If people are getting wound up over a trailer they have far too much time on their hands!

    I’m blooming glad Doctor Who is having a 50th anniversary; I’m delighted there’s going to be a raft of other programmes marking the occasion. And I couldn’t give two hoots if a bunch of sci fi fans with more time and money to waste going to a convention than I have got to see a snippet a bit earlier than I did.

    The Day Of The Doctor will air on 23rd November. I’ll watch it, most likely enjoy it, then probably order the DVD. The fact that I didn’t see a trailer months beforehand will not change my life or affect my enjoyment.

    I do agree, however: Mr Moffat knows he’s simply going to wind people up with these words. Maybe that’s why he said them?

  19. avatar George says:

    As someone who wasn’t anywhere near SDCC, I think it was good for Doctor Who to be able to offer an exclusive like that. It will have done wonders to build the relationship between the show and the event.
    I think Moff’s “a little bit early” comment will have referred to the fact that the plan was to build anticipation for the anniversary in the run-up to the day, and releasing the trailer to everyone that early would have no-where for them to go. The marketing of the series by the present production team is the main reason for the series current popularity in the States, which will help the long term future of the show we love. So we had to wait a bit longer for the trailer. Big deal. We all get to see the special at the same time, and we should be happy that we all get to share in this special moment.

  20. avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:

    Moff has wrecked the show.
    Sooner he leaves the better.

    • avatar BOJAY says:

      Call him up Hula Hoop, tell him how you feel, and I’m sure he’ll immediately start packing. And then you can take his place, and even if you do a bang up job, you can have someone tell you they want you to leave because you “wrecked” the show.

  21. avatar Mia says:

    I really can’t believe the divide over this – people seriously need to get over it.
    Comic-Con costs a lot of money and so those who paid for it got something that others didn’t.
    You may not think of that as fair, but this isn’t a Moffat concept, it’s the way the world works.
    You’re upset that you don’t get a trailer that others do simply because of their location and how much money they have. Somewhere else, someone isn’t getting the same healthcare and education as you simple because of their location and how much money they have.
    I’m not undermining this or saying it’s fair, but that’s life.
    I just don’t like the fact that there are people right now being bitter about this when they could be enjoying themselves thinking awesome thoughts. In the end, no one is affected by the anger and negativity in your mind so just do yourselves a favour and don’t worry about it :D

  22. The first thing I do everyday when I get to the ‘net is see if a trailer has been posted. I *am* pissed that SDCC got to see a trailer that hasn’t been since leaked or released for the rest of us who couldn’t afford to be there. Also, the lapses between new seasons/series leave us Whovians (& Sherlockians) hungrier than other fanbases.

    That being said, too often trailers spoil the holy hell out the feature. I’m kind of glad that the majority of us have only seen the few stills from DOTD so far.


  23. avatar Andrew says:

    How does he not get it!? Its simple, Britain makes the show, America likes the show. Britain should have the priority when it comes to exclusive trailers, why… Because its made in Britain, and british fans have been around a lot longer than American fans. Simple.

  24. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Yes, I am miffed that a select few lucky fans got to be spoiled for the 50th before the rest of us, but now that its closer to the air date my anger has pretty much faded.

    And I’m not all that upset about the older Docs not appearing in the 50th (as far as we know), since they’re all, well… Let’s just say their physical ages now would be rather distracting. Apart from McGann, who could still pull it off.

  25. avatar Tommo says:

    It seems to me that the whole anniversary YEAR has lost much of it’s gloss and the focus is not on what should have been a celebration of the show as a whole has been pitched squarely at the Anniversary Episode.
    Speaking as someone who would love to be able to afford to drop stuff and go to the BFI screenings, the DW event in London, and God dammit, I would LOVE to go to Comiccon, I have the anniversary episode and a couple of kids shows hanging DW on their front doors for an episode.
    The people behind the show are going on about all this stuff that they;re doing, but it costs shitloads to get to them.
    There should have been more episodes, (they’ve made less this year (the ANNIVERSARY) than Davies did in his GAP year, and played the “look at the shiny shiny” card all bloody year.
    The BBC didn’t even pick up BBCA’s “Who Is The Doctor” series, with BBCWW instead shoving on to WATCH, which is only available with a subscription package.
    Where are the classic repeats?
    There just hasn’t been enough celebrating the show as a whole, and everything has been aimed at the (ONE) Episode they made.
    If he doesn’t get why those of us who WOULD have happily slept out all night, but couldn’t afford the air fare don’t like it, well, I suppose it says all it needs to.
    It seems to me to be less of an “us and them” situation between US and UK fans as some have suggested, but more a division between those who can afford to attend the events and those who cant… the latter don’t seem to matter.
    As long as he has his contingent of squeeing fez/bow tie wearing loons waving fishfingers and sonic screwdrivers, paying and turning up to all the events he gets paid to attend (VIP status of course…) and telling him his farts smell of roses, he’s never GOING to get it.

  26. I not particularly bothered that I haven’t seen a trailer yet. I’m just very pissed that it’s looking more and more like I won’t be seeing McGann on screen again. I’m pissed that Moffat chose to bring in John Hurt instead of McGann and that Chris Eccleston was asked back but not McGann.

  27. avatar michael boon says:

    Moffat gets the ‘obsessive’ Doctor Who fans very well….they’re nut cases. Entitled and forever whining loons who take what is just a TV show after all, far too seriously. For examples, see many of the comments here.

  28. avatar Koloth says:

    I was given the ‘negative thumb’ when I mentioned Mr Moffatt was US focussed. This is another part of it. SDCC, in the US, got the preview. Why couldn’t another chosen show in the UK be given it as an exclusive?
    This year was supposed to be a celebration year, but its a bit lacklustre. While he’s trying to market the show in the UK, we seem to get less and less, for all the above reasons.

  29. avatar Ranger says:

    Of course they are entitled – its what makes us fans. If everyone felt just mild interest the programme wouldn’t have been resurrected, it’s the passionate fans that kept it alive during the cancellation.

    Having said that, I am slightly irritated about SDCC, just because it is elitism, but I’m far more upset about the lack of episodes this year.

  30. avatar Ranger says:

    Sorry, that was meant to be a reply to Michael Boon, but for some reason the reply button does not work for me.

  31. avatar McCoy says:

    UGH. Of course should not have seen the trailer when it was shown at the Con so many months ago. Correct decision. The whinging of entitled fans, who don’t understand at all, it seems, how TV works, is just silly. We haven’t seen a trailer yet? Guess what; doesn’t matter. We’ll get a trailer. We’ll get the episode. Then we can whinge about those instead.

  32. avatar callinton says:

    I don’t care that the SDCC got to see the trailer. I think the one WE got the other week was phenomenal. And seriously, how rare is it to be this close to the screening of a TV or cinema spectacle without having seen a single (moving) image of it? It’s a special thing to have this much mystery around a show or a movie these days. They will put a trailer on soon but the closer we get to ‘The Day of the Doctor’ the less I even want to watch the usual trailer full of bits from the show. I think everyone should try something new and go into this thing on the 23rd having never laid eyes or ears on it before!

  33. avatar Nic Of Light says:

    Hi, I agree it seems so.

    I do think and feel that a sneaky promotion was going on. It all seemed to be about how pretty Mat was how pretty The impossible girl was AND HOW lovely the long Ginger hair was. How refined and stylish it all was. It is true that the visual style was very good, better that Russle very chic. But the heart was missing I thought serious lack in acting skills, script writing and weak characters with little personality or presence ( easier to control) . It was almost as if underneath it all was sort of all about selling British style M and S selling frocks from the show, British style and tailoring i.e Matt’s outfit. It all seemed a bit Naff and Dull.

    I did read BBC may have lost interest in the show as they did in the 90s. Well with Moffat as main Gov I am not surprised. Moffat is ok for a show or two but no more he does not have the talent , skills or long term ability to deliver. OUT OUT OUT. We deserve better. Get a top class comedy writer into SCI fI that would lift the show to where it belongs.

    Did Matt high jack the show for his Handsome looks and Fashion style, Like Blair High jacked Labor and Beckham took over football but maybe he wanted to be a Model in fact he is a all rounder anyway; but not every one is. At the time Matt came in there was still this lets respect someone who can high jack systems and we are meant to admire this?

    Lets get back to a Brilliant show and F … the rest. Oops scuze, Scuza. Er Ciao

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