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Published on October 23rd, 2013 | by James Lomond

The End of AudioGO?

Up to a hundred jobs may be at risk after producers of Doctor Who talking books and soundtracks AudioGO (formed when BBC Audiobooks were bought out by private investors) suspended trading.

The audiobook company is based in Bath with a sizeable infrastructure of five studios and output that spanning BBC’s radio dramatic catalogue. A statement from Rachel Josephon, head of marketing and sales, released on Tuesday 22nd October read,

I can confirm that AudioGO has temporarily suspended business operations while we seek an investment or a sale of the business… there is a considerable amount of interest in AudioGO and we are hopeful of achieving a swift resolution.

It’s been reported that while sales are up, financial issues have arisen due to the general move from CDs to online purchasing and the relative prices charged. This comes in the year where AudioGO has given us the on-going anniversary saga, Destiny of the Doctor, with a tale from each incarnation every month.

The company also produces readings of the Target novelisations of classic episodes as well as the books based on nuWho and many related Who-themed radio morsels. Let’s hope there is a speedy resolution that both protects jobs and Doctor Who output!

(Via Bath Chronicle | Thanks to Scott)


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7 Responses to The End of AudioGO?

  1. avatar Christine says:

    This is sad, especially as sales are on the increase. Although I like full audio drama better than talking books, it still is a shame. This is the company that brought us the audios of missing tv serials, remember the lost ones we all are so passionate about. Perhaps they had a different name but still. And I’m not even mentioning the jobs involved. Really very sad.

  2. avatar Al says:

    Does anyone know what this means for the 11th and final release of Destiny of the Doctor? It’s due out in only 2 weeks and I’d hate to see the story end prematurely. I’m glad to see Kasterborous isn’t pushing the panic button re: Big Finish. Some folks seem to be of the opinion where AudioGo, er, goes, BF has to follow.

    • avatar Christine says:

      I surely hope not. BF has to stay. Please! But I would love to have audio go to remain in existence as well. I think we need both.

      • According to a tweet from Big Finish, their licence is unaffected.

        • avatar Al says:

          Which is great but they’re still not saying anything about DOTD 11.

          • avatar GlassworX says:

            Big Finish has regularly made the DOTD releases available on their own site . Im guessing the final one will turn up there as well

  3. avatar Al says:

    @ GlassworX – “Big Finish has regularly made the DOTD releases available on their own site . Im guessing the final one will turn up there as well” That assumes Big Finish manufactures them. But if AudioGo is in charge of actually making those CDs, then it might not be that simple. Big Finish can only sell DOTD if AudioGo provides them with product.

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