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Published on October 19th, 2013 | by jtbelliott

Doctor Who at the Movies: Now On The Big Screen

This thrilling and exhaustive account of Doctor Who’s troubled relationship with the silver screen is now available to purchase in print and Kindle formats.

Charles Norton’s book Now on the Big Screeen: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who at the Cinema recently gained column inches with the revelation that Michael Jackson was once considered for the role of The Doctor – and the discoveries come in thick and fast from thereon in. Who knew, for instance, that Abominable Snowmen scribe Mervyn Haisman tried taking his Yeti to Disney?

After covering Peter Cushing’s fabulous, Dalek-centric outings from the ’60s, Norton takes us on a journey into the realm of what might have been…

From Tom Baker and Ian Marter’s Doctor Who meets Scratchman to Douglas Adams’ Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen, through to the TV Movie and beyond, Now on the Big Screen takes its readers through stages of intrigue, wonder and relief, as films, ultimately never made, are recreated in Norton’s prose.

Doctor Who at the Movies

In the weeks (!) leading up to The Day of the Doctor’s cinematic release, Now on the Big Screen offers fans the chance to explore an essential, if rarely discussed, aspect of the show’s history.

You can order your copy on Kindle for just £4.77. A print copy is also available with an RRP of £15.99, discounted to £14.79 on Amazon!


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  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Its scary to know we’ve dodged the bullet many times when it comes to movies that very likely would have been terrible and been a taint on the show that fans would forever want to forget. I can deal with the Peter Cushing/Dalek films, but beyond that, most of these other ideas (especially the ones from Hollywood) are just plain wrong.

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