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Christopher Eccleston Loves Star Trek!

Christopher Eccleston has finally revealed his all-time favourite science fiction show. And there’s a distinct lack of TARDIS.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, the Ninth Doctor revealed that he “loved” the original Star Trek TV series because of its character-driven nature:

“You have villains and some space, but it’s basically a brilliantly written love triangle between Kirk, Spock and Bones – Lieutenant Uhura being the ‘beard’ from what I could see.”

But the Whoniverse needn’t be discouraged; there’s still a place in Christopher Eccleston’s heart for that quirky British show about an alien in a phone box. In a recent interview to coincide with the BFI’s anniversary screenings, the Ninth Doctor had nothing but praise for the re-launched programme:

“Joe Ahearne directed five of the thirteen episodes of the first series. He understood the tone the show needed completely – strong, bold, pacey visuals coupled with wit, warmth and a twinkle in the performances, missus.”

Sadly, Christopher Eccleston won’t be featuring in the upcoming anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, but there is a treat in store for those needing a Ninth Doctor fix. The man himself stars in the upcoming feature film Thor: The Dark World playing the villainous Malekith the Accursed, which premiered in London on Tuesday. Hear him talk about the role in the video above.

(Via Digital Spy.)


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12 Responses to Christopher Eccleston Loves Star Trek!

  1. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    And now we wait for the Eccleston-haters to criticize his opinion. How dare he have a favourite TV Sci-Fi show other than Doctor Who!!! Heaven forbid he loves what he grew up watching as a child and probably played a part in him getting into acting in the first place!

  2. Excellent aswell as growing up on who I also love a bit of trek

  3. Or is that fantastic

  4. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    We shouldn’t be surprised that he’s not a DW fan first and foremost. I never got the impression that he was ever a big geek fan. He’d said years ago that he when he was a kid, he never liked Pertwee or Baker or the other classic Doctors back then as they were too “posh”. So he was really never a fan of the show, even when he was on it, forthe most part. Unfortunate but what are you going to do? It was a job and he’s an actor. Not everyone can be as DW crazy as Tennant and Capaldi.

  5. avatar Al says:

    I’m surprised at how young Chris looks in this. I’ll be honest at first I thought this might be some old interview that got dug up and then I saw the Thor poster. Fair play to him – if they had managed to convince him to return for the anniversary he wouldn’t have looked much different than he did back in 2005.

    • avatar simon magellan says:

      He does, doesn’t he! Think it might be the hair? I’m so used to seeing him with the Doctor’s close crop that it’s a bit of a surprise to see him with hair!

  6. avatar Sally Ann Price says:

    I just love Christopher Eccleston. I use to love watching the old Star Trek shows. Christopher is such a great actor. I wish I could meet him, but live in the States. I know he is going to be great in Thor. I love his costume.

  7. avatar Lozzer says:

    He’s a regular guy who grew up in Salford. I’ve me him several times and he’s always been sound, we even have the same ex girlfriend… Which if I think about it is strange… He loves his footy and sci fi is a bi product of his career. He’s serious about his job and nothing else should be expected of him.

  8. avatar Dan Hallett says:

    Sorry but Doctor Who does not feature anywhere in Eccleston’s heart. I have the Metro with this interview in and it even states the interviewer was not allowed to mention Doctor Who. He was asked whether he liked comics growing up (as he was promoting Thor) to which he trotted out the same old spiel about always being out playing. Didn’t like his Doctor and don’t like him much either.

  9. avatar Bob James says:

  10. avatar CastellanSpandrel says:

    Didn’t the Metro front page lead-in to this quote him as saying he’d consider any acting job to pay the bills?

    In fairness (referring to a certain programme due to be broadcast on 23/11 that apparently *doesn’t* feature C Eccleston), he used the verb ‘consider’ and not the verb ‘do’.

  11. avatar A. Chapman says:

    Oh my giddy aunt. In Dead Ringers Series 5, Episode 2, there is a sketch based off of Doctor Who Confidential where they reveal why Christopher Eccleston quit Doctor Who after just one series. Because for generations his family had been trekkies and forbid him from doing Doctor Who.

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