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Published on October 27th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Another Missing Doctor Who Episode Due To Be Unveiled?

The unveiling of nine missing episodes from the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who (The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear) earlier this month was a classic fan’s dream.

Since the big day, we have been given the impression that there may be something else in the offing, something held back or released a little later to the BFI’s famous Missing Believed Wiped events, the next of which is in December.

Doctor Who Archive have been on the case, and recently spoke to the BFI’s Dick Fiddy as to whether any information was available as to what episode – lost or found – will be made available.

…we’re awaiting word from the BBC as to which episode will be made available and that won’t be known until mid-November time I suspect.

Past Missing Believed Wiped events have had a heavy Doctor Who flavour, with lost clips and episodes aired for the first time in many years. Rumours concerning the next event suggest that 1964′s Marco Polo has been found and will be featured, but please be aware that this is just a rumour, and that no solid information to corroborate this exists.

(With thanks to Paddy)


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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

47 Responses to Another Missing Doctor Who Episode Due To Be Unveiled?

  1. Yes more are to come, happy days!

  2. avatar Leda says:

    Of all the missing/incomplete Hartnell serials, this and The Daleks’ Master Plan are probably my most-wanted.

    (By the way, that should be 1964, not 1965.)

    • avatar Chris says:

      The Dalek’s Masterplan was never exported however (like the only one or something). So if you could get Ian Levine to animate the rest of the missing episodes like he did Mission to The Unknown (better than BBC animations IMO) that is the best bet.

      • It’d be good if he actually managed to make a deal with BBCWW to get a recon released. But judging by the lack of negotiation and business sense he displayed with ‘Shada’ it’s likely only he and a few close friends would ever see the results.

  3. avatar Tony Farrell says:

    Marco Polo actually aired February to April 1964!
    I do wonder if this is a ‘re-hash’ of the so-called “MEW” rumour (Marco Polo, Enemy of the World and Web of Fear).
    That said, the BBC might be adhering to the old adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.
    Time will tell!

    • Yes :) Minor typo. These things happen.

    • avatar docwhom says:

      Yes, don’t carry lots of eggs at once. One egg is un oeuf.

      • avatar krumstets says:

        Very good!! I might poach that one..

        • avatar zarbisupremo says:

          Cue much scrambling for puns from hard-boiled Whovians. It’s getting beyond a yolk now.

    • avatar Tony Farrell says:

      Christian, have a look at this article: doctorwhoarchive/2013/10/28/latest-missing-episodes-rumours/
      There is either something very exciting about to happen or someone (some people) are very malicious in spreading false rumours.
      Just in case it is the latter, I’m passing this on purely for information purposes…. Though I do live in hope!

  4. avatar Ian Gettings says:

    Any episode would be great news – hoping it is more than one, but if just one ep. it is still lovely to hear. Mid November is a long wait though… but, wow tho if so. Why do you think it is the case though??

  5. avatar paolosammut says:

    How can Marco Polo be 1965? Do some research please.

    • avatar paolosammut says:

      I mean you call yourself a long-term fan, you must know the first store was aired in 1963 and Marco Polo is a very early story (number 4). How can you be so moronic??

      • I’m sorry, who the hell are you exactly?

        Oh that’s right. You’re the ignorant bastard who reads all of this material for free, produced by people in their spare time, who spotted a typo and decided to start throwing insults around.

        Go and have a long hard look at yourself.

        • avatar JB says:

          I hate reading dick head comments like this. Why don’t you tell us the exact day it was as well. Wankers… The guy writes something and you twats all jump on the one minor mistake.


          • avatar Geoff says:

            Yea but come on Christian is asking for it! He calls himself a fan yet I have it on very good authority he wasn’t even alive in 1963. In fact in wouldn’t surprise me to find out he was probably born in the 70s and liked Tom Baker. Fandom is full of johnmy come latelys like him. Thank goodness we have the sensible and balanced opinions of paulosammut to keep him in line!

          • avatar TonyS says:

            So you cannot be a fan if you were born after 1963? That rulles out the majority of fans. 70s makes one a johnny come lately? 1973 was 40 years ago. For goodness sake get a sense of perspective.

        • avatar Leepshin says:

          In defence of Chris Cawley’s type-o, see if you’re going to shoot the man down in flames for his typing error you might at least proof read your own posts first for mistakes because the majority of posts on here are FULL of type-o’s and that makes you look like retarded pricks. Nobody’s perfect.

      • avatar Grant Watson says:

        Really? I think it’s time for you to take a long, hard look at yourself and step away from the Internet until you’re prepared to communicate like an adult.

      • avatar zarbisupremo says:

        Pullitsomemore is in fact Comic Store Guy from The Simpsons and I claim my £10 !

  6. avatar Neu 75 says:

    Be effing brilliant if Marco Polo turned up, it really would. Appropriate for the 50th that one from the first series turns up…

  7. No idea if this is true, or just another cruel rumour, but as we edge ever closer to the 50th anniversary, the rediscovery of the earliest missing story, unseen for most of those 50 years, would be a great addition to the November Whofest.

  8. avatar TonyS says:

    Web of Fear episode 3

    • avatar Rich Marin says:

      It’s been announced as Web of Fear Episode 4. So unfortunately, nothing new.

  9. avatar Colin says:

    What I think is cool is that no-one is saying this is impossible. A few months ago, many would have laughed at the possibility of a Marco Polo discovery. Now, with Enemy of the World back in the archive, no-one’s laughing.

  10. avatar Cristof says:

    People who said it was Enemy and Web before they were announced also said we need to buy the first two on iTunes so we can see Marco Polo. I’m 99.9% it is Marco.

  11. avatar Al says:

    I’m noticing though that the word “episode” is being used in the singular here. So if they found a complete serial they’d be saying “episodes.” That said, even a single lost episode of Marco Polo (or any of the others) would be a remarkable find. In terms of timing … well as some have noticed Marco Polo marks its 50th anniversary in the spring, so the timing would be right for a DVD release or special screening. The guy who played Marco Polo is also close at hand having recently played Donald Baverstock in An Adventure in Space in Time, so they could easily get him for interviews and commentary…

  12. avatar CatFish says:

    I think that its safe to say that every episode is out there somewhere yet to be found we must just be patient.

  13. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    Quite often, people seem to say “episode” when they mean to say “story” or “adventure”. Here’s hoping we soon hear that William Russell and Carol Anne Ford will be in attendance– that’ll be a great indicator.

    • In the case of the BFI, they generally cover several clips in these events, to hoping for more than one episode to be unveiled – as in screened – is very optimistic. That’s not to say that there might not be a full serial, of course, just that only one part is likely to be screened, if this is true.

      • avatar rickjlundeen says:

        Well, I’m talking about new ones just being found—don’t really care about how many are screened since I can’t be there anyhow. :) Fingers crossed and as I’ve said before, it would make sense as far as keeping the buzz going that they break up these events into a Troughton unveiling and a Hartnell unveiling.

        There’s a concern below from bluemilkspecial saying it might just be another ep from Web or Enemy being shown but that would seem like a waste of time and not even worth an announcement.

  14. My concern is that the episode they may be airing at their event could just be one of the Enemy or Web episodes as part of the celebration of their recovery. It might not be anything new. As far as most people, including the BBC are probably concerned, newly discovered probably counts for those recently announced. Just don’t want to get my/our hopes too high. Trying to keep it real.

  15. avatar Geoff says:

    BTW I couldn’t give a monkeys chuff if it was 1964, 1965 or 1865 as long as they find the bloody things!
    I have a horrible fear that even if they do turn up the tapes will have been over recorded with episodes of Love Thy Neighbour or Robins Nest, shudder!

    • avatar Colin says:

      Mmm… 1865 Who would be very interesting. Would Dickens have been around to write an episode? ;)

      PS: Yes, paulosammut, we *know* Doctor Who wasn’t really around in 1865…

    • avatar Bobby Clark says:

      Actually, no “tapes” exist anymore of the episodes. Everything will be on 16mm or 35mm film. The main hope is that the film hasn’t disentegrated in a foreign TV archive after 45 years of disuse.

  16. avatar Jon Roberts says:

    I would be happy with any missing episodes, and if we got some of the missing Likely Lads episode as well I would be over the moon.

  17. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Seems to lend credence to the idea that there was more found (who knows how much more), and they’re just going to release whatever it was piecemeal rather than all at once.

    Personally I’d love to have more Troughton restored before we get any more Hartnells, but my vote is still on The Massacre and Eps 1-3 of The Celestial Toymaker.

  18. avatar Geoff says:

    Funnily I’m not really a huge fan of B&W era Who (cue the sound of paulosammut phoning his hitman) but nevertheless I get very excited about these findings because I know how important they are to the history and overall story of our programme, plus how much they mean to lots of fans. Not to mention it saddens me to think that the work of great actors, techincians and directors is lost forever when there’s still a huge audience our there who could be appreciating it.

  19. avatar zarbisupremo says:

    If it’s a single episode, my money is on it being from The Crusade, seeing as it isn’t in the DVD schedule and there’s been no news of the missing parts being animated yet.

    • avatar TimeChaser says:

      That’s the thing I’m wondering. Are we getting “episode” and “story” mixed up again? Will is be a single part of a story or another full or almost full story recovered?

  20. avatar Josh Man says:

    I could totally see them holding off on announcing Marco Polo has been found as announcing the entirety of the first season of Doctor Who is now available (and perhaps a season one box set) along with the 50th Anniversary would be epic

  21. avatar lordrocco says:

    Given the Beeb sat on Enemy and Web long enough to get picture and sound restored, and only told us about them when they were ready to press the button on iTunes, I’m optimistic that they are sitting on a whole slew of missing episodes and will only tell us when they are ready for purchase.

  22. I hear over 312 missing Doctor Who episodes have been found, including all of the Peter Capaldi episodes.

    Seriously, that’s great to hear, I just wanted to see if I could write the article for the Sunday People. :)

  23. avatar Chris says:

    I agree with lordrocco. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are multiple episodes to be released in the coming months. Probably most of them, or is that just wishful thinking?

    • Sadly, I think it’s wishful thinking, Chris. Most of them are gone. If no other, then Episode 7 of “The Dalek Master Plan” is gone for good. According to BBC records, only the original videotape of it ever existed, and was wiped. No copies were made, and it was never sold overseas. More than likely, the bulk of the 97 missing episodes no longer exist.

      That’s not to say more won’t be found, but all of them? Impossible.

      Sorry. :(

      • avatar Chris says:

        I agree that a lot of them have been destroyed forever, sigh! But please let an old man have some hope, however deluded he might appear to be!

        • Delusion has nothing to do with being old or a man. I was so sure I’d be married to Tom Baker by now. :)

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