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Published on October 24th, 2013 | by Danny_Weasel

Amazing Fan-Made Sculptures

As it’s a rather special year for Doctor Who (in case you hadn’t heard), a great many folk across the globe have taken it upon themselves to celebrate the Time Lord’s half century in a variety of wonderful ways.

One such fellow is James O’Neill aka frasierdalek on DeviantART who has spent the year posting sculpts of each incarnation of the Doctor, one per month, and the results are nothing short of spectacular in some cases.

“Seeing as everybody is doing Doctor Who tributes to mark the programme’s 50th Anniversary this November, I thought I’d knock something up to pay tribute in my own way. Seeing as it’s a programme I have tremendous affection for.”

It’s fair to say that what has been “knocked up” over the past ten months have been incredible to the point of putting, in my opinion, some official figure sculpts to shame (especially Doctors Three and Four).

But the man’s talents do not end with gallivanting Gallifreyans, a quick look through his extensive galleries show a variety of other famous faces who are instantly recognisable such as David Bowie, Douglas Adams and Simon Pegg as well as some equally top notch sketches; his Alan Partridge is particularly fine.

It will be fun to see how November’s sculpt shapes up, and possibly a twelfth entry for December too, or perhaps a certain mysterious ‘Other Doctor’ will make an appearance?

See the full gallery here.


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  1. avatar Ranger says:

    The second Doctor one is particularly good

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