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Published on October 1st, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

75 Countries in Global 50th Anniversary Special Simulcast!

BBC Worldwide has announced that The Day of the Doctor, the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who will be broadcast simultaneously to millions of viewers worldwide on 23rd November 2013!

Fans in at least 75 countries including Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Botswana, Myanmar, Mexico – and of course the USA, Australia and the UK – will be able to enjoy the episode in 2D and 3D* (where available) at the same time as the UK broadcast. Further countries are expected to be confirmed within the next month, with fans on almost every continent being able to enjoy the special episode starring Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper and John Hurt.

Says showrunner Steven Moffat:

The Doctor has always been a time traveller – now he’s travelling time zones. On the 23rd of November, it won’t be the bad guys conquering the Earth – everywhere it will be The Day of the Doctor!

But there’s more… remember a few months ago, when there was talk of a cinematic screening of the episode? Well, on top of the worldwide TV broadcast, hundreds of cinemas in the UK and across the world also plan to screen the hotly anticipated special episode simultaneously in full 3D, giving fans the opportunity to make an event of the occasion and be part of a truly global celebration for the iconic British drama series! Ticket details will be announced closer to the big day.

Doctor Who in global simulcast on November 23rd for 50th anniversary

Tim Davie is CEO of BBC Worldwide.

Few TV shows can still lay claim to being appointment viewing but Doctor Who takes this to another level. In its 50th Anniversary year we wanted to create a truly international event for Doctor Who fans in as many countries as possible and the simultaneous broadcast and cinema screening of the special across so many countries will make for a fitting birthday tribute to our Time Lord.

The 3D episode will be the last piece of BBC produced 3D programming for BBC HD following the announcement of the conclusion of the BBC’s two-year trial experimenting with 3D production and distribution, which has also included selected coverage from Wimbledon 2012 and the London 2012 Olympic Games. The 3D version will be available to those with access to a 3D TV set and to the BBC’s HD Red Button service.

So, hugely exciting news, and yet another option for celebrations on the 50th Anniversary weekend for Doctor Who, which will also see over 20,000 fans gather at London’s ExCel for the official celebration event (featuring appearances from Matt Smith and former Doctors Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker and Tom Baker) not to mention a myriad of fan-run events around the UK and further afield (hello, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand!)

What have you got planned?


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10 Responses to 75 Countries in Global 50th Anniversary Special Simulcast!

  1. Might go to the cinema to watch it. Struggling to justify it to myself if it’s 75 minutes long though – even with trailers that’s not much more than an hour and a half.

  2. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Aha ha! I wondered if we would get it simulcast like The Next Doctor special or same-day a few hours later like in a typical season. And if it’s on the big screen anywhere near me, I might just have to go there.

  3. avatar Mike says:

    I’m sure this will be a spectacular triumph for 3D. The problem is that the BBC didn’t really try with their 3D offerings. It’s blockbusters that excel in 3D, not the trivial stuff they broadcast. Who wants Eastenders or the news in 3D but Dr. who lends itself to it. It will be a success.

  4. avatar yoyosi23 says:

    Not showing it in my country…What the heck BBC, you’ll simulcast in countries in Africa that no one’s ever heard of, but not in Israel???!!! =’(

    • avatar Simon Magellan says:

      It does say they hope to announce more countries. They can’t just broadcast to a country, they’d need to get a TV company there to buy the programme and agree to show it in this way. Those countries who don’t go in for the simulcast will probably buy it show the next day or even just later in the same day.

      Still amazed that this is actually happening at all!

    • “countries in Africa no one’s ever heard of”

      Seriously? Feel free to edit your comment so it doesn’t appear condescending to Africa, and I’ll remove this.

      • avatar Gruff says:

        Very good CC.
        Don’t want to respond regarding a typical response from an Isreali as I don’t really think like that, but some people don’t help their cause!

      • avatar yoyosi23 says:

        Apologies if my comment was offensive to anyone, or had any unintentionally racist or biased undertones. I do need to brush up on my geography however…How can I edit my comment?

        • avatar yoyosi23 says:

          Since randomly clicking on things isn’t working out very well as a strategy.

  5. avatar Ranger says:

    I’m getting worried that it’s all getting too big. What if the viewing figures are abysmal? It looks like we’ve being making a fuss for nothing, pride goeth before a fall. Is this one little television programme worth simultaneous broadcast across the planet?

    Sorry, my pessimistic self coming through there. Now beaten into submission. This will,of course, be amazing and the Doctor will rule the World!

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