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Published on September 7th, 2013 | by Danny_Weasel

Doomsday 5″ Figure Set for North American Release

Doomsday is coming… but, alas not to England it seems.

Reports are coming in that a box set featuring David Tennant’s Doctor, Dalek Sec and a Cyberman is set to be released in the new style ‘Diamond Classic’ packaging as seen on the current range of Toys-R-Us exclusive Doctor/Dalek twin packs. The pack will feature Tennant in his 3D glasses and updated ‘tooling’ on Dalek Sec, all beautifully presented in a snazzy new box design.

The downside is that while the set is available to pre-order for both U.S and Australian fans (if you are in the USA from, or in Australia from there are currently no plans to release the set here in England.

This leaves fans with a potential dilemma, do you order from abroad and risk massive import tax charges or simply miss out on the set?

Are you one of the lucky ones who will get to see this release? Are you in the UK but really not to bothered to be missing out? Leave us a comment below and let let us know your thoughts on the set and its international implications.


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One Response to Doomsday 5″ Figure Set for North American Release

  1. avatar Geoff says:

    I don’t really care because I think the 5″ range has been executed very shoddily. If you compare them to other 5″ ranges like Star Wars they look awful. Granted the Dalek is pretty good but I happened to see Ice Warrior, Cyberman and 11th Doctor the other day and they are pretty much Dapol quality. Dapol however were working with techniques and materials from the 80s so I’d expect much better now. It’s a shame because as a scale 5″ has much more playability. Kenner realised this is 1978 when they launched Star Wars figures.

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